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2x12" Vinyl lp NL 27.10.11
rebuilt album is a lp from ethnik groove that includes 6 new remixes from some of the classic tunes (funky moment - gotta go - unexplicable life) produced by paul eg with two bonus tracks. after several singles in collaboration with international renowned artists such as eriko tanabe, quantec, jeff bennett, davide squillace, florian meindel, markantonio and umberto carmignani, ethnik groove has invited benja, david lazzari, paul eg, reto ardour (switzerland), lee burton (greece), philip braunstein (brasil), jeff bennett (sweden). they frequently release outstanding lp on various international labels. these artists were chosen for their musical feeling and for their collaboration on brilliant tunes released on ethnik groove and minimo imprint, our techno-minimal division. musical approach the concept was to regroup artists with a diverse range of musical flavour in one lp to obtain a non -superficial album. the original tracks have a different approach from the techno tunes produced nowadays. the idea was to keep the same groove with a current trend to allow the artists to add their own musical flava in a defined style between techno, minimal and tech-house.
supported by:marco carola, steve bug, richie hawtin, alex flatner, paco osuna, maurizio vitiello, paul nazca, uto karem, angel alanis, kiko, patrick chardronnet, christian fischer
Ethnik Groove
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