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12" Vinyl NL Pre sale (18.03.2021)
exhausted moderns year of the rat lp getting remixed.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl lp NL 05.08.20
exhausted modern with their debut lp.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl lp NL 26.02.20
original score from obscure polish movie kontury (1984)
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 13.09.17
the second release in endless illusion s series of split eps comes from marcos cabral & daniel araya and features two tracks from each artist. new york s cabral is known for his experimental idm and techno on labels like l.i.e.s. while daniel araya has recently released an album of acid, techno and industrial on the classicworks label. araya s we almost lost detroit is first and is a truly haunted deep techno cut with sparse acid undulations and a real sense of manic in the rasping synth lines. softer pads in the background only add to the spooky nature of the track. ghost bass is the other araya cut and this one is more up on its toes, with mid tempo kicks down low and wonky chords up top. it s a mind melting tune that trips deep into the night. live at the egg is cabral s first effort and is a lonely and icy techno track that is supple and seductive in its long lines and paddy drums. after getting you into a state of hypnosis, some freaky vocal sounds only add to the unsettling nature of it all later on. cuts & bruises rounds things out in squelchy and depraved techno territory. muted acid stabs are off in the distance as swampy drums suck you in from the front. it s a brilliantly odd tune that close out a fine ep.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 17.03.17
as the world collapses, dragging its unwilling inhabitants into insanity, a few things, fortunately, remain true. the man who s contributed to the development of the jak sound on behalf of the nation community from lake michigan to the dutch west coast, where he became well known for several eps released on creme organization records, is back. after two full-length albums, dozens of eps and action in the 2am/fm project, dmc has gained well-earned respect as an underground artist. we are very pleased to bring this little return to the jak beat style.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 09.12.16
zarkoff (sasa rajkovic) is croatian musician and sound engineer that has been busy making proper sound of dozens labels and doing his own music last ten years. genre could be described as dark electronics, somewhere between techno and synth wave, but if there is something that makes him unique, it s his powerfull and distinctive voice. sasa is also member of ebm-ish project sumerian fleet, having releases on mighty dark entries or creme organization, where we took the opportunity and asked his colleague, legendary mr. pauli to enrich this 12inch with proper west coast style remix.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 04.07.18
having worked together as -thrinax- in the past, prague s duo exhausted modern & aliver collected their solo material for endless illusion s second white label series. their complimentary sonic languages speak in slow, percussive rhythms, sadistic, industrial sounds, and uptight bass lines transmitted through a chain of pedal effects. the track -project germs - cuatone- is another one of aliver s collaborations.
Endless Illusion
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2x12" Vinyl D 07.07.17
czechoslovakian band máma bubo was founded by karel babuljak in 1982, he put together five friends that he trusted. having been more or less groping in the dark of music until then, babuljak suddenly expressed a clear musical and human opinion to which the other members of máma bubo added theirs. a new band was born and although it had a clear face, it did not fit in anywhere, was hard to be connected with anything, and was isolated despite its openness. máma bubo always guaranteed an extraordinary and shocking experience which surpassed the level of entertainment. 1985: babuljak s disenchantment with the social situation as well as with artistic futility compelled him to a more profound attitude which resulted in a totally different concept, planeta haj, for máma bubo, yet, the concept was short-lived as if having been born in a place it did not fit in. in 2017, 2 lp of planeta haj, a record from 1985, was released on vinyl for the first time.
Endless Illusion
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ISRAELS / RHYTHMUS (1980-1985) (2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl lp NL 20.09.16
the omnibus band was founded by jarda zajpt and petr dikan in 1979 in czechoslovakia. having met at the electronic high school, electronics was their field of expertise. over time, petr dikan constructed several sound devices such as the Šílený fridrich (Šf, crazy frederick) keyboard and the vsd (všude samý dráty/wires everywhere) generator which he operated during the recordings and also at concerts. at that time, heavily influenced by brian eno and robert fripp from the king crimson band, jarda zajpt played the guitars, using all kinds of effects, pre-recorded tapes, and one or more interconnected tape recorders. the first record, “israels”, was produced between 1980 and 1982. in 1985, jarda zajpt swapped a guitar for a keyboard and a new member arrived – pavel zvolenský – who programmed and played the automatic percussions. martin bauer, playing the bass guitar, completed the trio. they have produced a second album, “rhythmus”, in this assembly. remastered from unreleased tape recordings. this is the first release in the framework of the project jupiter 08 – archeology of the slavic electronic sound.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 19.07.16
a german cooperation. the still quite undiscovered dircsen has delivered three diverse tracks, ready for all occasions. credit 00, rolling stone of the east german underground club scene has taken the record to another level with his more experimental rave-ish tape-echoed remix work. aciiieeeed time.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 15.04.16
after critically well-received full length album -black gap- on atlanta based body control records, layup is continuing with full-fledged vinyl release on his own imprint. opening new series on the label called -w- because of white labels. whole series is going to be silkscreen on the covers and hand stamped inside.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 29.12.15
endill006 goes split. scottish stephen lopkin and greek dimdj have delivered quality detroit informed house tunes straight for the floors, except “grave roll” which can be nice opening track. 909 turns 707 and it’s not endless illusion without proper synth lines.
Endless Illusion
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12" Vinyl NL 17.09.15
contra communem opinionem shortly cco, own name florin büchel is the pure acid lover from zürich. he has debuted on mathematics records in 2008 and since then he has been quite active with several releases on lux records and few other brands. there is a strong analogue character in his music based on 808 or 707 beats seasoned with melancholic pads, melodies and already mentioned acid lines. he is also involved in savage ground project formed by him and daniel cosmo. this is “space race” from melodic electro through overdrive madness to drone beats. it comes with remix from man behind endless illusion, layup.
Endless Illusion
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