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12" Vinyl D Pre sale (12.04.2019)
DGTL 008
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12" Vinyl D 25.01.19
mit dancing glass figures liefert er einen starken 4-tracker, dem man nur schwer widerstehen kann.
DGTL 007
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12" Vinyl D 05.10.18
strange alliances holds two striking and contemporary tracks by the tel aviv native – who also has releases out on turbo and life and death - plus remixes by trikk and rebolledo. and so it seems the amsterdam based label has another winner on their hands. with autarkic having an exceptional personality one would expect the same from his music. and this is exactly what you get with strange alliances, as his originality shines through on both tracks. interesting fact is that autarkic used a lot of live instruments and his own vocals on both tracks, adding to the ingenuity of the dgtl 006 release.
DGTL 006
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12" Vinyl D 22.06.18
it shouldn’t come as a surprise that applescal is the next in line for a release on dgtl records, seeing as he has been part of the crew since day one, with multiple appearances at their shows to his name. the atomnation label-head crafts out three tracks all coming from one single studio jam, aptly naming them harmony one, harmony two and harmony three. the record is a special one for applescal himself as well, as it’s his first full ep in two years.
DGTL 005
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12" Vinyl D 09.02.18
man power his raw electronic sound, organic flourishes and diverse selection make him a perfect match for dgtl, both on stage as well as on the imprint. next to releasing a steady flow of records on established labels like esp institute, optimo trax, correspondant and hivern discs, man power is running his own shop as well: me me me. this gives him an outlet to release music by both friends and himself. for his release on dgtl records he created a three-track ep called apologue ep, that showcases just two of different sides of his multi-faceted musical scope. the a-side features two firm, acid influenced tracks. the first of these two, the duelist, is an emotive house record, with a soundscape of piano melodies, synths and syncopated percussion laid on top of an acid bassline. el mago del tiempo features heavy hitting kicks combined with a sharp synth pattern. it has a long build up that keeps evolving throughout the entire composition. halfway through, the track breaks in to a raw and fierce rhythm accompanied by yearning, drawn-out synth pads. on the flipside, put your hands on the car (and get ready to die) brings back memories of a long gone past with nods to balearic pop, ebm, and the soundtrack work of stewart copeland, james horner, and jan hammer. this multi layered production has a warm and analogue sounding feel to it that rounds off a 3 dimensional release.
DGTL 003
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12" Vinyl D 13.10.17
for their second release on the label, dgtl records asked another one of its festival shows regulars: fort romeau. after playing at three different dgtl editions, and an upcoming fourth during ade, the organization also wanted to propagate his sound with an ep on their imprint. the release consists of two multi-layered compositions, untitled ii and a familiar place, and will be available on the 13th of october.
DGTL 002
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12" Vinyl D 07.04.17
in its five years dgtl has carved its style and sound worldwide as one of amsterdams staple dance music institutions. this year the organisation is deepening its focus and vision. therefore dgtl is launching its own imprint dgtl records. the label builds on the festivals musical theme of an evocative cross section of the sounds and styles showcasing forward thinking, cutting edge artists. the one to kick off the new imprint will be the bulgarian hardware wizard kink. best known for his live performances, teemed with explosive energy, which for a consecutive year puts him to the no.1 spot of live acts on ra poll, he is also one of houses most in demand producers. kink has worked with dgtl for quite some time, including last years audiovisual installation transmission tower, where the first track neutrino was born. the melodic neutrino , kicks off with syncopating bassline. its interconnecting layers organically jump over and under each other, reflecting the organic character of kinks live performances, where every knob touch and turn matters. on the latter, he built the b-sider dynamo: i loaded my favourite element from neutrino in my computer and i tweaked the sound through various weird devices in my studio, till it sounded like a completely new track. as usual, he added a few endless loops on the record, for the adventurous djs, exclusively for the 12inch. the idea for the dgtl records artwork is to feature a different visual/graphic artist from the dgtl art program every year starting with the cover from tim buiting and his graphical visual of the liege train station, designed by calatrava for this years releases.
DGTL 001
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12" Vinyl D 20.04.18
the fourth instalment on dgtl records is an ep by satori, who delivers a record with three tracks that all bear his signature sound. this will be the first ep he releases after maktub, his well-received album on crosstown rebels. compared to the album, the ep is more dance floor orientated and thus right in time for the summer festival season.
DGTL 004
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