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12" Vinyl D 01.07.14
after some harder releases on trapez within the last months, alex under focus on his trademark crossover techno, not easy to label into an any specific genre but a sound full of personality. a1. bailar pegados is the kind of track that herbie hancock would have carried in his vinyl case to every club. a2 brings the listener into a robot party at the blue oyster, the club that gives name to track on b side la ostra azul an arpeggiated retro futuristic bomba. 100percent profits of the sales are donated by the cmykmusik foundation to organizations related with children and music.
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12" Vinyl D 20.07.09
cmyk musik keeps the energy level high with three hot techno dancefloor killers by alessio mereu, one of the best italian producers. rojo profundo is a powerful and driving techno ep made to burn dancefloors, a beautiful collection of technoid melodies over unstoppable rhythms... the passion for music of alessio mereu, a classical piano player since he was just an eight years old kid, has been strong influenced by his close friendship with other producers from sardinia such as renato figoli, matteo spedicati and andrea ferlin. moved to electronic music, he manages to elaborate his first influences developing a personal imprint to his sound with an >hypnotic and full of groove< defined style
CMYK Musik 027
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12" Vinyl D 02.03.09
starker, dj-freundlicher techno vom talentierten sarden alessio mereu der bereits einige starke releases in 2007 & 2008 veröffentlichte. passt zu cmyk wie die faust aufs auge
CMYK Musik 023
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12" Vinyl ES 26.01.09
dies ist eine vielversprechende mixtur verschiedener styles. stellt euch alex under, piemont & frivolous in einem studio vor und ihr wisst eventuell was euch erwartet. mit seinem zweiten release legt grünbox seine messlatte noch einige zentimeter höher
CMYK Musik 22
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12" Vinyl ES 16.04.08
big with monika kruse, ivan smagghe, vera, federico molinari, tadeo,...
CMYK Musik 018
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12" Vinyl ES 19.03.08
matteo spedicati & joseph capriati are among the new breed of italian techno producers, the funkiest shit from this part of the world. both work together for the first time, with a debut for cmykmusik that is a breath of fresh air, all dirty and groovy. >giallo canarino< starts where it ends, in the dancefloor, delivering techno that will hammer all your senses with the joy of the unexpected. changes, mutations, explosions... the 3 tracks are all about rhythm and bass, kicking asses all the way long. if you dont move it with these guys you better ask for help... this is the freshest, funkiest and wildest techno of the year.. no doubts.
CMYK Musik 019
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12" Vinyl ES 16.01.08
a new artist for the net28 roster, nate fisher is an incredible discovery, a young and talented artist coming from alaska, who has already released some wondeful tracks for max.ernst, thomas brinkmanns label. we are now honoured to feature 2 of his bombs in a new release for cmykmusik, this unpredictable tinto absoluto (cmyk017). mayhem is the work of a sonic terrorist: 7 minutes of pure rhythm, a dancefloor burner with a huge load of personality, originality and attitude
CMYK Musik 017
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12" Vinyl ES 17.10.07
excellent detroit techno !!!
CMYK Musik 015
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12" Vinyl D 26.03.07
der net 28 linie (apnea, mupa, cmyk...) folgend , geht es hier eigenwillig, mitunter gar stoisch, aber immer funky & bewegungsfreudig zur sache
CMYK Musik 11
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clubwear D 20.05.08
cmyk is not only print services important ... great musik great shirt great colors
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