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12" Vinyl UK 05.12.17
2nd vinyl release sees leonidas and kay suzuki (analogue producers and djs in london s underground music scene), re-join forces to bring you the 2nd installment of their synqlock project: synqlock vol ii. available on vinyl for the first time, we re very excited and proud to open the ep with interstellar meditation
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picture 12" Vinyl UK 29.06.18
new year, new release for burnin music. after 2 strong eps in 2017 (ponty mython bm001 and leonidas +kay suzuki bm002) burnin music first release of 2018 features the first ep of an up-and-coming british artist called michael iwatsu also featuring a remix by german producer, soulphiction. fracture (original mix) is a 10 mins long journey. a beautiful odyssey between beats and harmony, between intuitive dance floor and subtle emotions. the main piano brings a perfect balance to the stomping house kick & drum. and as the journey continues, the trip develops leading to more sonic ventures. exciting, touching, pure, fracture (original mix) is a very balanced track. on the flip side, house music master soulphiction accomplishes the task to bring the track into a dark basement. his remix is a condensed version of everything that makes the original track an emotional one and also add a detroit twist: it becomes a raw, moody and very intuitive sonic object. a tool for the dancefloor.
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12" Vinyl UK 21.04.17
opening the ep, black magic sets an optimistic tone for what is to come from this new label. intoxicatingly hypnotic and full of warmth, this track reminds us that it is always summer somewhere. if black magic is essential in warming a party up, god bless atheism is the perfect way to bring us softly down on the other side. a modern balearic anthem in the waiting, this is best enjoyed looking out to new horizons. b1 street sunbath sees ponty exploring more-techy territory whilst still retaining the hopeful feeling that forms the backbone of this ep. closing the ep, hidden object has a strong tribal feel which hooks the listener. using vocal chanting samples and simple repetitive melody lines, this is a perfect example of how less is often more in connecting with the dancefloor.
Burnin Music
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