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12" Vinyl UK 18.04.19
bucketround returns with an incredible work by the japanese tominori hosoya anniversaries ep 2 original cuts based on real love, superb melodies and rhythms that take you into a magical world and all this accompanied by the touch of the brazilian ney faustini and the spanish manuel costela to define a stunning release that you should not miss.
Bucket 010
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12" Vinyl UK 13.09.17
italian producer giorgio luceri has released a reliable stream of records since 2011, developing relationships with labels like seven music and hieroglyphic being s mathematics. for this blame it ep he points the finger at spanish label bucketround and provides a three-track single featuring a remix from dubbyman. vocals crossed between romanthony and george michael dominate the title-track, while all chords and atmospheres are stripped from the 6d22 beats version, offering a beefy tool for the adventurous dj. after two previous releases for the label dubbyman appears in remix form supplying a sultry remix best listened to in the accompaniment of summer a cool summer breeze.
Bucket 006
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12" Vinyl UK 13.07.15
this time brian cullen bjak from chicago, gives us an excellent and delicious dusk til dawn ep with touches of deep and soulful grooves inside his special style, could not miss the collection of bucketround, in this release, we have the opportunity to delight in a work of great quality for 2015, with the remix of the owner of bucketround, manuel costela aka oval future face.
Bucket 007
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12" Vinyl UK 18.01.18
bucketround presents deep encounters vol.1 this will be a series where we can listen to the best producers in deep house music, this time we have on the vinyl to jesus gonsev (trouble kids/spain) with his magnificent terminal 5 raising the essence of deep to a state of rhythmic beauty powerful chords. on the same side is the unbreakable tominori hosoya (th pressing/japan) with the strong and amazing strider practice unpredictable melodies in tune with your mind and with each beats. the b-side is impressive also with the track by allstarr motomusic (deepart sounds/switzerland) pulsate the best musical structure agreed with synthesizers drawn from a prodigious mind. finally we have to manuel costela (bucketround/spain) with the latest work mind purveyor a composition taken from the soul of this great producer a track very focused on the dance floor and with some spectacular and harmonious changes.
Bucketround 009
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12" Vinyl UK 19.08.16
bucketround presents the eighth ep written and produced by manuel costela, 3 tracks and the remix of tominori hosoya (japan) inspired by japanese middle ages, when mythological monsters wake up from the deep.
Bucket 008
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12" Vinyl UK 22.04.10
the fifth movement bucketround reconnect with >dubbyman< (deep explorer music). in gods country is a complete disc with two original songs >the dawn< and >the twilight< remixed by scott ferguson (ferrispark) and oval future face (bucketround records). the union of 4 cuts make this reference have a more american deep house all the stamp to remind us where we came from and where we go.
Bucketround 005
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12" Vinyl UK 20.04.09
la danse de l hibouthe fourth release with bucketround follows the path left by his past references, not disregarding the exploration of new horizons. oval future face (bucketround recs) grants us his peculiar way of understanding electronic music. avoiding the hype or settled guidelines la danse de l hibou brings us right in the middle of the night where nocturnal birds of prey hunt. we are in front of his deepest work so far, full of details and rhythmical shifts shrouded in minimal sound with its own soul... as if it was meant to be just for this work, it is apt for lounge listening, dancefloors or even forests. the re mixes collection does not fall short on quality: pablo bolivar (regular) as usual everything he touches turns into gold and this time pablo does not disappoint. nimble groove full of hectic changes and sudden pauses enriches this melodic remake. a real dancefloor hit. angel galan (add sensor) theres no rule for crafting remixes and angel is the clearest example. an amazing explosion of multicolor strokes transformed into tangled logic sound.
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12" Vinyl D 12.03.08
the third shot in the young life of the bucketround label is a perfect strike oriented to different types of dancefloor. above smoke (deep explorer music) brings a creative and chameleonic tune which mixes different elements with dare. it begins broken, continues deep and ends in a complete funky orgy with a quirky 80s taste. the collection of remixes is simply brilliant. oval future face (bucketround recs) takes the elements of the original to offer the deeper remix of the ep. nacho marco (loudeast records, odori...) however transforms the keys of the compose in a 4x4 acid bomb! finally to close we got the funk part of the ep with barna sound machine. he breaks the breaks and hot the floor with his sexy rhythm...
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