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12" Vinyl D 13.10.17
yandom are not new to the scene. but then again they are. the project has been kicked off by yannick labbe and dominik marz, already renowned producers and djs before they decided to join forces in in january of 2017 with their remix for dekodeko on leipzig-based label ors. yandoms productions are discoid excursions to the dark side a sound spanning from leftfield italo-esque productions to straight up techno-bangers. a sound already loved and played by artists like michael mayer, solomun, kornel kovacs and many more. at the moment, yandom are working on eps following their next release on &nd music (scheduled for september 2017). as djs, yandom deliver an infectious and very musical freestyleapproach, dropping anything from techno to vintage classics and held together by a strong foundation of electronica. a yandom-set is anything but random and yes, they do look as good in reality as on the photos.
AND 020
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12" Vinyl D 12.05.14
wonderfull deep and melancholy 4-track + remix release. die musikalische bandbreite wird mit diesem release erweitert und wir freuen uns ungemein ein unbeschriebenes blatt auf andmusic begrüssen zu dürfen.
AND 018
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3x12" Vinyl + cd D 03.01.13
incl. the 12 inch vinylreleases : &nd013 (daniel bortz - katorka ep), &nd012 (audision - forty one spalding) und &nd010 (sascha funke / ivf - vanish / celine) plus bonus cd audision - surface to surface .. full pack of music for less money
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12" Vinyl D 18.01.19
unser nachwuchskünstler david kochs liefert einen sehr hypnotischen deep house-track, der perfekt in die dunkle winterzeit passt. jede 12inch wird vom künstler selbst mit einer einzigartigen druck-grafik geliefert. limitiert auf 100 exemplare
AND 22
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12" Vinyl D 10.11.17
dominik might be known as a resident dj of the club schwarzes schaf in his hometown augsburg.
AND 021
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7" Vinyl D 13.04.15
last year we released aaron ahrends first brief embrace ep, which received lots of great feedback. ada (pampa) took newborn and started to do a remix. at the same time she took some larvae as pets and watched their metamorphosis. at the end she released them as butterflies. the tune was highly recommended at here bbqs over the last summer. last year the forgotten birds (karaoke kalk) decided to stop touring as a band. their first and might be last remix at all was created spontaneously in a jam session. enough reason for to be very happy about their awesome gift.
AND 019
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coloured 12" Vinyl D 08.04.13
the guys from audision are back with their next release in coloured vinyl! they produced chimes 1 for their live-set and it was much appreciated by the crowd. their new syntie roland jd 800 sounded crystal clear in their studio, but when they practiced for their live set in frankurt last year, all of a sudden it played a different sound … this was a magic moment which had to be recorded at once. the typcial audision device is: let the machines do the talking. and that is the also the story of chimes 2 *away* was the beatless track from their last years release up & away. so no one else but gez varley aka g-man created a dancefloor monster out of it. where can we start, when we talk about such a genius like gez varley. he was co-founder of the legendary lfo (warp records) duo. he wrote music history with his partner mark bell. under his solo project g-man, he released on labels like wir, i220, force inc or swim. *quo vadis* is still one of the most important all-time favourite techno tracks. last but not least a typical rough and deep house mix came out of christopher raus machines. the smallville member released on labels like, pampa, derive, aim, mule… and delivered a great track for this wonderful release. all in all - a must have!
AND 017
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3x12" Vinyl D 27.12.10
ltd pack !!! incl. and music 014, and music 010 & and music 013 tolle mischung
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Releases on CD / DVD

cd D 21.08.09
while the major inspirations behind >surface to surface< - basic channel, detroit, warp - are clear, audisio s refined, unhurried sound is also entirely its own. by looking back, audision are simultaneously pushing things forward, quietly, gently, and in their own time. its the sound of high-end, deep frequency techno at its very finest
AND 015 CD
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