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12" Vinyl US 18.05.12
big strick is back at it and this time he brings generation next - the first artist from the 7 days camp to emerge from the detroit city streets. only sixteen years old, this young man is shaping up to be one of the premier producers in the biz! he is the future!
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12" Vinyl US 01.03.13
after appearing on some of big strick cuts like alpha & omega and resivior dogs the newest addition to the 7days ent camp, at 17 years of age, brings his first self titled e.p. a four song masterpiece that is sure to move the dance floor.
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12" Vinyl US 01.03.13
after a 10 year hiatus, ron delivers *the lost tapes*. 4 true high adrenaline first generation pure detroit techno tracks.
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Releases on CD / DVD

cd US 12.09.12
here is the snid bits from the new cd from big strick resivior dogs featuring omar s, generation next,and the return of the legend reckless ron cook! as generation next sets the tone for a outer galactic experience with sequence 11 the stage is set for pure deepness only products of detroit can bring! along side omar s on family affair big strick& generation next(family as well) has orchestrated a masterpiece sure to please the dance floors worldwide! and if that isnt enough big strick brings to you the return of reckless ron cook a true pioneer of the techno movement on night moves a serious banger that will take your breath away!
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cd US 08.07.11
it must be the year for long-overdue debut albums from detroit veterans. hot on the heels of rick wilhites brilliant analog aquarium comes this first full-length from big strick, an occasional fxhe artist and older cousin of omar s. seemingly drawing influence from a myriad of motor city influences, detroit heat impressively flits between murky deep house, tracky techno and hynotic jack-tracks. like many of his contemporaries, strick is a sucker for >ement mixer< production that distinctly detroitian sound where every beat, groove or bassline sounds like the master tapes have been marinated in grit. that trademark sound, alongside a solid selection of floor-friendly grooves, makes detroit heat an excellent addition to the motor city house canon
1000 CD
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