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2529 KM 001
12" Vinyl D 15.11.17
2529km records is a new dub techno label created by two friends and artists piotr bejnar aka n1kt (warsaw, pl) and leon lolishvili aka boyd schidt (tbilisi, ge). 2529 km stands for the distance between warsaw and tbilisi. the idea of the label to release compilations with artists from different countries and nationalities. through music the label wants to unite different cultures and to create a group of friends all over the world, who support themselves in music and life. the first release 2529km 001 is the compilation from idealist (switzerland) - producer, dj and label owner of idealistmusic, stojche ( macedonia) - berlin-based artist who s primarily inspired of the local electronic scene in skopje, boyd schidt (georgia) - one of the leading techno artists in georgia and n1kt (poland) new techno alias from the owner of 2529 km and otake records.
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