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12" Vinyl UK 20.12.18
phonicawhite welcomes kassian on their new ep
Phonica White
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12" Vinyl lp, 180gr D 26.10.18
at heist, were always on the prowl for exciting new music and weve seriously found it in the form of new project kassian, the brainchild of joe danvers - mccabe (danvers) and warren cummings (warren xclnce).
Heist Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 27.08.18
topia records uncovers the work of alex kassian the kyoto born berlin based producer and dj whose work as opal sunn and al kassian has been turning heads and shifting feet in recent times. over the last decade kassian hosted word of mouth dances in london and berlin where he gained a reputation as one of europe s most promising artists. kassian s recent output has been primarily composing scores for contemporary dance and theatre in berlin, an approach he brings here to this 6 track ep hidden tropics . kassian inspired by other utopia records artists such as lars bartkuhn and vangelis katsoulis delves deeper into his compositional scope for a sound that joins the dots between ambient, world music to spiritual house in parts inspired by his homeland of japan as heard on bells of ukyo and the 80 s sakamoto-esque olson waters . the title track is a breakthrough in contemporary house music, sure to be picked up on by the tastemakers from new york to johannesburg to berlin to amsterdam to tokyo and beyond. cover image of tsuwaono sagimai by makoto furukawa, shimane, japan.
Utopia Records
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12" Vinyl UK 14.10.16
following strong turns from kasra v last year, this love fever spin-off label returns to call upon al kassian to drop some electro-pop enchantment on unsuspecting ears. with just one recently released record to his name, al has positively encouraged the intrigue that emanates from artificial emotion. -roboluv- is a sublime slice of house balladry shot through with a curious line in wobbly electro synths, which then really come to the fore on slower b1 jam -default-. with the heavily vocodered vocals pealing out through the mix, it s quite an arresting end result that culminates with the wonderful curio -broken embraces-.
Lips 006
Make Love in Public Spaces
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12" Vinyl UK 24.06.16
ltd to 300 copies , vinyl only, mastering and lacquer cut by andreas lupo lubich @ calyx berlin.
pressed at optimal via handle with care.
Planet Sundae
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12" Vinyl D 05.03.12
after firstly appearing on dials 2010 compilation, kassian troyer shows up with an adventure into wonderful sounddesigned technomusic. these four pieces of deeply grooving structures might r be influenced of early works by jan jelineks farben project, the swing of stl and the deep rooms of pole. that is no coincidence at all. kassian troyer who studied sound engineering and production has been responsible for the live mixing of stefan bethke aka pole and lots of other artists like andrew peckler and pantha du prince. while working on the mixing of efdemins chicago album he became related to dial records- his first demo tracks were an ingenious discovery for dials eccentric family.
Dial 062
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2x12" Vinyl, 180 g D Pre sale
comes in limited full cover
Heist Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 23.04.18
in late 2017, thomas gandey and danny mclewin - known from the popular disco-influenced electronic music collective psychemagik - emerged from their studio in bordeaux, france, claiming to have produced an extended musical arrangement, both entitled, and containing the sounds of, the shakuhachi. furthermore, they insisted, for the purposes of this production, and a further album of related arrangements to be released subsequently in conjunction with the successful german record label kompakt, they should be referred to henceforth as ghost vision. shortly thereafter, the audio recordings described by gandey and mclewin came into the possession of noted los angeles degenerate, dj and nymphomaniac citation needed dirty dave, who was quick to relay the hallucinatory qualities of the duo’s productions to fellow dj and trusted hallucinogenic expert paramida, of esteemed german musical imprint love on the rocks. paramida, recognising the innate quality of the sounds presented to her, decided that such recordings warranted immediate release through her audio distribution channel, and not without remixes. quite without thinking of the origins of the instrument which had given the recording its particular sonic distinguishment, and of course, its title, she enlisted the help of two musicians named alex - one from tokyo, and one from kyoto. both alex from tokyo - teaming up with his colleagues isao kumano & kenichi takagi as tokyo black star, known for their prior releases on popular german label innervisions - and his counterpart, alex from kyoto, better known as al kassian, rising tamagotchi on paramidas love on the rocks imprint, and his own label, planet sundae - turned in striking reinterpretations of gandey and mclewin’s composition.
Love On The Rocks
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2x 12" Vinyl D 18.05.16
henrik weber, bka pantha du prince has announced his first solo album in six years, the triad - housed in gatefold cover
Rough Trade
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12" Vinyl D 01.03.16
we are thrilled to announce the first new music from hendrik weber – a.k.a pantha du prince - since his 2013 collaboration with the bell laboratory, and the first proper pantha du prince release in six years.
pantha du prince’s 2010 masterpiece, long-player black noise, is well acknowledged to have expanded both the sonic and emotional possibilities of minimal techno, the songs’ warmth, intricacy, and creative boundary-pushing, have earned him a seat in the pantheon of modern electronic music, alongside contemporaries like burial, four tet, or the field.
with his wildly-anticipated new music, weber expands his scope: the crystalline delicacy of “the winterhymn” is deeply evocative of the track’s namesake season, “post human palisades” finds him merging electronic and organic instrumentation into a delicate narrative of alienation and other, bolstered by a pulsing dance floor heartbeat, and “dream yourself awake” is filmic and transfixing.
Rough Trade Records
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2x12" Vinyl FR 06.06.14
nice price deal !!! recit records second release entitled first recitation is a compilation introducing tracks from label family artists.sabine macher a german poet living in paris, kassian troyer a sound engineer and producer from berlin havingreleases on dial records, antony martz a brand new french artist, the japanese electonica duo velveljin, ooscoand ysée the founders of the label, masahiko takeda a young japanese dj and producer, and the anonymoussound artist ollr fameck.the first track of the compilation, voina i mir sans je, (extrait) from sabine macher, is a simple sound poemwhere she reads some passages from her own unpublished text. swinging between personal stories andabstractions, recorded in her apartment in paris, it sounds like an imaginary recitation involving tensions betweenthe things around the poet.the compilation continues with the production of kassian troyer, zasso, a deep but refreshing abstract technotrack. having well-thought subtle layers of synthetic and concrete sounds with electro acoustical approaches, thetrack describes a very organic and warm sound texture...
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12" Vinyl BE 14.09.11
endlich!! efdemin has been one of the key artists on curle since his 2007 debut for the belgian label. please includes two tracks from around the 10 minute mark. undeniable quality!
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cd D 17.05.16
henrik weber, bka pantha du prince has announced his first solo album in six years, the triad
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