Releases from artist / Veröffentlichungen von : Mano Andrei, Pheek, TIJN, Komponente

12" Vinyl NL 02.09.16
minim records gathers a quartet of bumpin sleek sounds from around the globe for the anticipated 002 va. “stardub” finds romanian producer mano andrei layering ethereal, muted pads over some raw percussives, tight driving kick and body moving bassline, while montreal gearhead pheek’s “glad i say” mates tech house bounce and sine-wave wubs to a creaky, industrial sonic palette. uk trackslinger tijn pictures the “cosmos” bursting with angular breakbeats and 4/4 subs, as the talented ukranian producer/dj and tvir label boss komponente tweaks percussive tones, punches the kick, and adds a coating of sonic grit on the brain-bending “amigdala”.
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