Releases from artist / Veröffentlichungen von : Lee Perry, Dennis Bovell & the On-U Soundsystem vs Pempi

12" Vinyl UK 01.03.10
under secret construction in the on u workshop for the last few months, lee perrys interpretation of the black sabbath classic iron man is finally ready, complete with heavy boots of lead. with adrian sherwood at the controls, and additional input from renowned reggae producer dennis bovell, this full on thumping dub stepper finds scratch positioning himself as the iron man - lion man - lightning man - super man who dont drink no booze while sub basses throb and wobble the bolts from his joints and the beats hit harder than a rivet gun... surely not what ted hughes had in mind. the flipside dub mix arrives courtesy of pempi, who recently broke out with a track on studio rockers? at the controls compilation. pempi ups the full of dread quota with a heavy barrage of drums, stuttering synths and swelling bass, to create a version that has the potential to consume every motor vehicle in the southern hemisphere. iron man lives again!
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