Releases from artist / Veröffentlichungen von : Christian Burkhardt, Markus Fix, The Sushi Club

12" Vinyl D 22.08.14
for the second release on cb sessions christian teamed up with his old friend tomio tremmel, who is better known as -the sushi club- the guys spent some all night long sessions to tweak the gear. influenced by modular systems, the virus ti, tanzbär and the jomox 888 this ep offers a widespread variety of club sounds and results in three different electronic tunes, which are hard to describe so you have to listen to it! also represented on this ep is italians best markus fix. since he has first heard christians -doubledub- he secretly trained everyday to sing the -supi dubi- hook. finally, after six years, he had the chance to present his skills in christians studio. don t miss the final tune - just supi dupi!
CB Sessions
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