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12" Vinyl NL 06.04.18
after a more than well-received first release, interstate records is back with a shimmering and diverse ep. featuring two original cuts by the label heads dial tone on the a-side, plus two outstanding remixes on the flipside, the record serves as a fitting successor to the labelís thriving start.
Interstate Records
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12" Vinyl UK 10.04.13
a double ep release from the classic music company, mixing together friends old and new from the label. recent signings to classic, no dial tone deliver their second original production to the imprint - standing still Ė a deep slow burning almost bjork-esq vocal record kicks off the a side. long time label cohort from the early bar rumba days, mathew herbert twists and turns the record into something completely herbert and ultimately classic in its make up. on the flipÖlong-time greenskeepers man james curd returns to classic with nothing short of a bump! gentle help is typical curd funk and now with added black madonna flavours. road tested relentlessly at the smart bar, the chicago native channels the essence of old dance mania records and funnels it into something typically a little left of centre. each track is uniquely different and recognisably classic.
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12" Vinyl UK 02.08.12
including remixes by tom ellis and mic newman, one of them is vinyl exclusive!
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12" Vinyl NL 17.11.17
interstate records is a newborn independent record label based between london and berlin. itís run by the up-and-coming duo dial tone and aims to provide a vibrant and diverse platform for emerging and established artists within the techno scene, whilst occasionally touching upon ambient and other experimental music spheres.
Interstate Records
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12" Vinyl US 27.02.08
deep underground chicago staple of music played by the chosen few to the ones who truly know how deep it is. now its time for the masses to feel the real deepness of the true chicago 80s era of music. only ten percent of what happened here in the 80s, is known to the rest of the world. dont you want to be a member?a1: rain harder - taken from anne clarke - our darkness - ink records, from the joined up writing lp 1984 uk release b1: dial tone - taken from lil louis & diamond corp - why fall. first heard by patrons of the hummingbird night club ( supper club) in chicago in late 80s. when people first heard it, before they knew the title of the track they just called it >dial tone<
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