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12" Vinyl UK 09.07.19
a tropical / balearic trip, check
Lets Play House
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12" Vinyl FR 12.01.18
we are extremely happy to welcome malouane to our roster for this third release. the atmosphere of malouane is unique: raw, melodic and full of details with charm. -long way for the homies- will recall artists like mcde or rick wade, quite in the same vein: jazzy, soul and house. the second, -keep yo mama clean- very catchy too: drums, beautiful basses and small samples interact with each other. these elements work perfectly, because malouane has a real sense of musical arrangement, a real mastery of sampling. -this is supposed to be an outro- is the last track of the original tracks: it is a little slower than the others but a great wealth: a real charm and a true personality emerges from this piece. the multitude of details and, again, the mastery of the sample make it a piece as much club as listening. cody currie has proposed his own vision. the young english producer made a great remix by putting his style and clement’s together. finally, times are ruff also offers their reinterpretation of keep yo mama clean: softer and quite faithful to the atmosphere of this ep, with a small taste of chaos in the cbd, the dutch have done a remarkable job.
In the Box Records
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12" Vinyl UK 01.09.17
we are extremely happy to have malouane, co-founder of in any case records on board with us at lagaffe tales. this fourth vinyl release consists of what could be reckoned as a mini-lp that travels through malouane s personal space of influences. the release is filled with rich and soulful samples accompanied by warm saturated drum work with an ethnic feel from start to end.
Lagaffe Tales
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12" Vinyl FR 26.01.18
2018 repress / vinyl only!! with its debut release, in any case is trying to give you the best and dustiest takes on house, hip-hop and disco, packed on one and only piece of wax. we are very proud to showcase five amazing tracks from five different artists from around the world on this first record. mr. pc from detroit (us) kicks things off with a stunning disco edit, “boogie with me” delivering a mastered groove throughout the whole title, perfect for all the dancefloors. then comes “another lonely man” by martin hayes from leipzig (de). we’re left with a heavy bottomed-end track featuring lush strings and nice vocals. on the flip, we’ve then got pascal viscardi from geneva (ch) and his “fuorigrotta” that comes from deep, deep down with its heavy kicks cutting through amazing synths and disco loops, packed together with that 90’s sp1200 sampler flavour. then, malouane from france (fr) continues the trip with “i did this at work”, another bass-heavy groove melting down below some perfectly arranged samples. finally, we’ve got g2s & ibn sabaa from france (fr) with their “dumb ruler”, a short and wonky hip hop instrumental, blending the fender rhodes sound we all love with dripping hats and screwed breakdowns. there is something for every taste here, so jump on it while it’s hot !
In any Case
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12" Vinyl D 14.06.17
the third record by vienna-based label secret crunch is ready to be unleashed. this time with various artists from all over europe.
Secret Crunch
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12" Vinyl FR 28.03.17
voyage animé is a mental and spiritual trip dedicated to house music. with deep resorts to funk, disco and garage, this 4-track record invites the listener to wander in different atmospheres and places.
Imported Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 21.02.17
second round for french in any case imprint, still keeping it chopped and dusty, celebrating the sound of the almighty rhodes electric piano through this 5 tracker wax slab. opening this release is the fashionable parisian tell with a cool house cut featuring some lush samples and a driving beat. following is the label co-founder g2s track amako blending a strong backbeat with a groovy bass and chopped rhodes sample closing a side with a neat library style feeling. we ve then got malouane (co-founder too) opening the flip with a trippy tune including melty percussions on top of a jungly bassline. succeeding, manuel nie from germany with a hip hop - house crossover, banging drums cutting through perfect rhodes samples. finally, ibn sabaa is closing the v/a with a mean head-nodding modern hip hop groove that will doubtlessly wreck your neck.
In any Case
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