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12" Vinyl UK 11.07.17
nyako is our 7th vinyl release here at otc and it s a big one. south african producer behr created nyako together with makadem during a santuri safari session at sondeka festival in kenya. the e.p is 4 cuts that build in brilliance from the original which has extremely broad appeal. indian producer daisho delivers a straight ahead 4 x 4 house groover, south-london production duo modified man swing their analogue machines into action for a heady synth adventure, which is just a bit broken. berlin-based duo of dirk leyers and dj nomad (hans reuschl) are the ideal pairing to merge technology and tradition together as africaine808 bring up the rear with a balearic sensation to round off the ep. makadem is a talented musician and vibrant performing artist from kenya. he s a figurehead of the benga scene in nairobi. his stage presence and powerful vocal delivery, had him likened to the legendary fela kuti. makadem innovates by bringing traditional african instrumentation, story telling and contemporary production methods together.
On The Corner
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12" Vinyl UK 11.12.17
on the cornerís dj tool and eclectic favourite, versus is back for a second instalment. there are some familiar faces occupying this tasty wax and some new comers pushing the needle further-out on the corner. as 2015ís versus sold-out we d already acquired some fresh production talents and sent stems over to new and old friends alike. get your atlases out as we criss-cross the globe introducing you to artists from afar-afield as nairobi, manchester, pune, iringa, detroit, and south london.
On The Corner
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12" Vinyl UK 03.06.15
next up in the highlife world series, we ake a trip to kenya where our man esa plays the role of producer for the first time with super talented local musicians sarabi and makadem (aka the fela of kenya). instantly timeless on both sides, see for yourself.
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