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12" Vinyl D 29.01.18
will saul and tee mango continue the primitive trust ep series with their third release. little love ep is a blissful 3 track package featuring a floorplan remix. little love builds warm harmonies driven by syncopated bass grooves whilst tee mangos dub of tejon heads for the sun with radiant, shuffling chords. for the remix, floorplan delivers unrestrained rapture on a peak time roller full of cathartic vocal bursts.
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12" Vinyl D 04.09.17
‘fallen down is the second ep from tee mango and will sauls primitive trust project, featuring a remix by shanti celeste. the title track weaves percussive shuffles and vocal refrains with glowing synths, whilst colourful melodic layers and resonating vocal stabs armour the choppy live drums of ‘day one. dekmantel regular shanti celeste does what she does best with her remix of fallen down in building a rich, hypnotic groove that steadily develops with intricacy and depth, whilst ‘big tracky disco tool is exactly that.
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12" Vinyl D 17.07.17
primitive trust is the coming together of two experienced musical minds. in one corner is will saul of the influential aus music empire, and in the other is tom mangan, aka tee mango, the producer who started millionhands record and clothing label. the pair met many moons ago and reconnected recently at a festival in morocco. they bonded over music, lunch and shared family travails - and as they both now live in somerset decided a little local studio collaboration seemed all but essential. between them, these consumate country gentlemen have seen plenty a musical styles come and go, so decided their best route forward would be to make music to please themselves. to that end, they holed themselves up in tee mangos woodshed studio with the following ground rules: they would make music only with the gear they had (mpc 2000, ableton, roland 101, juno, fender rhodes, various fx pedals) they would trust their instincts and go with first feelings they would embrace the joy of randomness if in doubt they would ask what would carl do? with that, you have the simple but effective mo of primitive trust. these sessions have resulted in a series of three eps to be released over the course of four months. each ep will feature 2 or 3 original tracks and one fresh remix, with unique artwork and an illustration by all-around visual auteur geoff mcfetridge. using the building blocks of house, and classic techno primitive trust can do zoned out and romantic, as much as driving and heady, but with an ease that comes from experience, years in the making. while tipping their proverbial hats to the past they also look to the future with their sound, mixing samples, wigged out synthwork and propulsive rhythms to create something honest and heartfelt that will stand the test of time
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12" Vinyl D 12.03.18
inside out is a brand new series that invites djs and producers to blur the boundaries between traditional artist albums and mix compilations. coming from aus music label head and dj-kicks curator will saul, the concept encourages artists to showcase their own music and or the music of those in their own individual circles. the mix will be release digitally and on cd, while a selection of the tracks will also be available on double gatefold vinyl. each instalment will feature 100% new and unreleased music. it is a chance for artists to take sole creative charge, a&r as they see fit and then commission brand new music specifically for the cause. depending on who is at the helm, inside out will take different forms: producers may wish to represent their own sound with only music they have made themselves or with close collaborators, while djs and label heads may wish to reflect the sounds and scenes that surround them. the results will be a window into an artists world that works as a coherent mix, but also as a treasure trove of fresh new music that steps outside the usual lines of a dance album. the idea stems from will sauls own approach in the club, which often finds him seeking out brand new and unheard music to play for the first time. that feeling of taking people into the unknown is one that reminds him of the energy and excitement of his early days as a dancer.
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