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12" Vinyl D 09.04.18
second woman is the collaborative project featuring turk dietrich of belong and joshua eustis of telefon tel aviv. josh and turk have been friends for over 17 years, having met in new orleans in the late ’90s through mutual friend and future collaborator, charlie cooper. the duo have been working on music together on and o since that time. the concept of second woman began with the idea of taking tropes from footwork, dub, house, and techno, and twisting these ideas into something kaleidoscopically liberated from the grid. their work first materialized with two lp’s and an ep on john elliott and peter rehberg’s spectrum spools. second woman tweak the perception of time and space within the audio field into something asmr-inducing and ultimately satisfying to listen to. both josh and turk experience asmr in response to certain rhythms and sounds, and e ort was made to incorporate these triggers into the music, hopefully for other people to experience as well. with apart / instant, second woman present their signature sound as well as a new, more measured dimension to their work.
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S/W (LP)
12" Vinyl lp UK 03.05.17
future music duo second woman’s sophomore full-length for spectrum spools further hones their distinctive fusion of shapeshifting software sculpture and tessellated footwork. shivering digital textures oscillate with and against algorithmically mapped percussion samples, smeared synthetic chords levitate in the distance, stabs of digital noise punctuate the mix in twitchy, time-distorting patterns. their anamorphosis verges on ascetic: stark, splintered waveforms rendered into unique fiber optic hieroglyphs.
multi-instrumentalists josh eustis and turk dietrich share a deep history going back to their days in the new orleans ambient electronic community, as part of telefon tel aviv and belong, respectively. even so, s/w pushes beyond their combined discographies to date, flexing impossibilities, building rhythms from arrhythmia, teasing veiled emotion from bold iterations of cold code.
Spectrum Spools
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