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10" Vinyl UK 16.10.18
serbia s disco fruit crew continue to bring the heat with their razor sharp edits and productions mining the golden era of funk-fuelled part music. on this occasion dr packer and loshmi have joined forces for two certified bangers that rank highly on the boogie scale. -in case of emergency- is a tidy reworking of gayle adams -emergency- that keeps the groove heavy but stretches the jam out for extended dancefloor pleasure. on the flip, it s british funk outfit delegation that get the disco fruit treatment, winding up with the stretched out delights of -house in downtown,- guaranteed to get any soiree worth its salt shaking down to the ground.
DFV 008
Disco Fruit
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12" Vinyl UK 20.06.17
label boss tonbe is back on disco fruit under the moniker loshmi for the first time. loshmi is specialized for great disco and funk re-edits and he is a well known with his serious edits series on digital imprint. he constantly trying to blur dots between disco, funk and house music. these four tunes are selection of loshmis best selling pieces on digital imprint. highlights include the pounding disco-rock-flute workout drugstore. sweet & nasty is just about as seductive as you can get those strings do some real damage in that groove, while wsoop wsoop deliver heavy, floor friendly p-funk workouts.
DFV 006
Disco Fruit
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