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12" Vinyl UK 26.09.17
dear earth is from interstellar traveller with a thing for earth girls, he cruises the solar system aboard his sample powered mothership, harnessing the raw energies of ion propulsion and jazz to slide through rifts in time and space. he is a galactic nomad, a star voyager,a wanderer through the vastness of the void.he has decided to spend some time in london and drop an ep on wholemeal music.
Wholemeal Music
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12" Vinyl UK 21.12.16
marcel vogels intimate friends label turns to an unknown entity for their next release, giving dear earth no less than a full album to run with as a first outing. that s a strong statement of conviction, and the label are right to be so bold as dear earth shows off the kind of inventive, sample-rich approach that makes your ears prick up in an instant. supposedly hailing from london, this mysterious figure has been trawling through all kinds of ephemera and stewing it into a soulful, meandering body of work that touches on house, downtempo broken beat and more besides
Mate 009
Intimate Friends
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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
following a red letter release in the form of joe armon-jones & maxwell owin s idiom, yam recordings return with the second installment of their you and music compilation series, this time compiled by yam fam hollick & z lovecraft. kicking things off on the a side is native cruise, a new artist hollick has been working extensively with on no bad days, bringing that signature ‘floaty yet punchy’ sound. it’s a kwaito-esque club jam with pan flutes and percussive loops bringing that energy to the start of the record. will listers sunset over st. petets spire is up next with a hypnotising yet intricate production from the hugely promising talent. will is a dude very much affiliated with yam and, of course, our pals over at balamii radio so it only seemed natural to have him on the record. that melody is a proper ear-worm too! the b side, curated by z lovecraft, is a slightly tougher affair with three tracks representing his taste in soulful sounds and expands on his a&r work for rhythm section international. first up is rouge me&#769,,chaniques prisma ltd a 7-minute psychedelic drum odyssey showcasing the multi instrumentalists many talents and influences, with guitar overdubs and flute ambience taking the dance floor far and beyond. on b2, upcoming break beat talent, lt, takes the helm with gale force. hailing from the peak district, lt makes work of deep vocal pads, 606 touches and a killer bass line. finishing off the compilation is wholemeal musics boy wonder, dear earth, who conjures a charming hip-hop ditty with his delicate assemblage style.
Yam Records
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