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12" Vinyl D 09.02.18
berlin based producer zigan aldi has always been open for different cultural influences in his music. an openess that might go back to his own background since zigan had been brought up in the eastern part of turkey, before he moved to germany when he was 14. apart from working in various jobs it was always the music that kept him going and let him experience his true passion. after releasing music on bedouin’s label truecolors or 3000 grad it was about time his diverse music finds another home on underyourskin records. therefore zigan delivers four exclusive tracks that depict his approach to electronic music with a mostly downtempo vibe. ‘luton’, ‘seems to be’ and ‘olin’ follow the path of the label’s as well as zigan’s philosophy: a slightly oriental influence that meets darker multi-layered synth chords to create significant atmospheres that can work at any time at the club. ‘miracle’ featuring sandeck is just what the track title suggest: a musical miracle. as the track slowly enfolds its groove to the audience, it is the guitar riffs and the vocals that sum up magic of this track at this very intimate moment.
Underyourskin Records
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12" Vinyl D 04.10.17
brooklyn/london-based label truecolors follows its debut release with a 12- four-tracker by zigan aldi titled fidale ep. based in berlin, zigan aldi contributed to truecolors va from earlier this year alongside bedouin, nu and stavroz, which has conquered the beatport charts and stayed strong in several vinyl charts. titled fidale , his next outing on truecolors sees aldi make use of analog gear and original recordings of real instruments as opposed to samples, as well as tape to mix the tracks down. this year has seen the producer gig regularly in locations like ibiza, vienna, berlin and istanbul where his live performances incorporate musicians. the tracks have gotten tremendous support and love throughout the summer, at the saga parties at heart ibiza, where zigan holds a residency. deep chords and echoing effects make up fidale as a medley of instruments ebb and flow from the mix, making way for the low-slung groove of moonfly with its infectious guitar licks and serene aesthetic. beni beni incorporates organic drums and soaring atmospherics that blend together with turkish vocalist meltem cumbul s chanting voice, until nu past concludes the release with its crunchy percussion and sultry bass..
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12" Vinyl D 21.10.16
prince of persia sound from the big city: the dusty twilight of day and night sets the atmospheric backdrop for the dreamlike groove visions of berlin based producer zigan aldi. the track “blue hill” combines a compelling bassline with the enigmatic sound of a string instrument that seems to originate straight from the parallel world of 1001 nights. “rosa martha” starts as a stripped-down rhythm tool with a rather dark vibe which then contrasts beautifully with a hint of warm house music bubbling up from the depths towards the middle of the track. mollono.bass and pophop dedicate their remixes to the uplifting side of things, and the digital version provides two more exciting adventure stories for dance floor explorers.
Acker 050
Acker Records
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12" Vinyl D 23.01.19
argentinian multi-instrumentalist ulises on kamai music, with remix support from zigan aldi and ali kuru. the vinyl release includes a download code.
Kamai Music
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2x12" Vinyl D 28.08.18
black fox music brings the 2nd and 3rd tag am meer ep (bfm023 & bfm026) in a special price bundle.
Black Fox Music
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12" Vinyl D 30.08.17
4 künstler aus dem diesjährigen line-up haben jeweils einen track beigesteuert. norman weber (luna city expres) -beachboy- reitet mit lockeren breakbeatanleihen und viel deepness über die wellen. stephan funkmanns -strandläufer- macht seinem namen alle ehre, click click schwirrt mit -hot beat- durch die flirrende hitze wie eine libelle mit groove turbo und pohop feat. zigan aldi steuern einen herrlich subtilen schieber bei, dem der platz zwischen himmel und horizont gar nicht groß genug sein kann. 4 mal musikalisches strandfutter, wie es passender zum tag am meer festival nicht klingen könnte.
Black Fox Music
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12" Vinyl D 07.03.17
foresight is a various-artist curated series that features 4 different artists and/or tracks each time with accompanying highlights on the process and inspiration behind each piece. truecolors is a music label that channels artist s most honest version of their creations and share it with the world through vinyl and digital platforms. the label is based between brooklyn and london and was established in 2016.
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