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12" Vinyl D 13.03.17
dubfire and miss kittin have scored another big hit in the form of their second collaboration ride, the follow-up to the much-loved anthem exit. now, many destroyed dancefloors later and they’re unleashing a big pack of remixes to sit alongside their two original versions. solomun may best known for big melodies and hooks, but his remix boldly displays his affinity for heads down techno. a beast of a track, it centers around ticking percussion and pulsating synth delays with a throbbing low end. minimal in approach, maximal in aesthetic, it’s a no-nonsense groove. matthew dear dons his audion guise to remind us how instrumental he was in formulating that oddball techno sound a decade ago, making good use of the vocals in the heady breakdowns and matching them with unsettlingly wavering synth sirens and an almost tribal bass stomp. it’s full of atmospheric touches and pulls off a big room feel without resorting to cliches. depeche mode, erasure and yazoo legend vince clarke is a personal hero of dubfire’s, making his appearance on this package all the more of a special, rare treat. his chunky house groove is decked out with rolling congas, electro arpeggios and a yearning, bluesy guitar lick. french star djedjotronic has himself remixed depeche mode, and his version rounds off the package with throbbing low end, harrowing synths, techy percussion and brooding reese bass swells. with four very different mixes to choose from, this is an immense package that is set to cause havoc on dancefloors worldwide for some time to come.
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12" Vinyl D 31.10.16
keys in the ignition, no turning back: dubfire and miss kitten are about to take us on another late night road trip. and this time there are two very special ways to ride, plotting new routes from where they last dropped us off in 2014 with exit, and presented in miss kittins own artwork, the two long term friends and musical kindred spirits cover a side each with two version journeys youll never forget. kittin jumps straight on the autobahn in a tank-shaped techno hummer. thumping the tarmac down with every gas-guzzling kickdrum, lights blur and trace and the mission gathers momentum as we cruise almost majestically into a brighter unknown. dubfire brings us back home via the trusty widescreen house plains. roads running parallel with the grand, emotional highways he once took as deep dish, the vanishing point is far on the horizon where a vast sky of twinkling stars opens up with a feeling you could ride for days on end. unhurried, restrained and timelessly crisp and futuristic: trips like this dont come about very often the keys are in the ignition, care to take a ride?
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coloured 2x12" Vinyl D 04.01.19
a journey through the inner world of depeche mode on limited edition white 180 gram double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
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