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12" Vinyl D 30.03.18
losslessí first offering in 2018 comes courtesy of co-founder mathias schober. with his -continuing ep mathias definitely continues what he has started with his recent -certanities ep- on optimo trax. the ep is a true reflection of mathiasí constant approach to push the boundaries and merge his influences to draw a coherent painting. in this case the drawing is consisting of three truly unique tracks.
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12" Vinyl D 10.11.17
optimo trax presents a 4-track ep from germanys mathias schober, head honcho of berlinís lossless label. as always we prefer to let our artists do the talking. heres what mathias has to say about this release - the idea behind all tracks on the ep was a simple setup of drums and one synth that would do a main sequence/sound, yet theres a lot of detail in all of them. in a certain way features a 808ish beat with a main sequence coming from a tiny monophon synth called atmegatron - 8bit love, it turned out being much more music than i thought it would be when i set everything up. but what rules are made for is the same setup but the sequence is a 101 and so are all the washed out fx synths. on is to break them i went a different route, i had the dub, delayed stabs synth first as i was messin with my moog and a space echo - which btw is used on every single track i release, if you havenít noticed yet. so i was trying to build something around those stabs in order to fit the track to the others and so i ended up with another sequence coming from my moog. as there was still space on the record, i decided to add an ambient version of is to break them, i love the ambience on this track. i hope that my love for dub sounds is obvious enough on these tracks. happy i found such an excellent home for the ep!
OT 031
Optimo Trax
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12" Vinyl D 02.06.16
lossless labelowner mathias schober formerly know as show-b delivers some great house tunes.
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2x12" Vinyl D 07.09.17
lossless outbound.2 comes with 6 tracks that gonna make everyone happy. all the labels key artists come together on this fantastic bargain, also in some new alliances. buy one record and get a bunch of hits!
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