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10" Vinyl D 11.04.16
tim kossman gives his debut on telrae with a vibrant and personal 2-track release. >at the core< makes moves gentle and with poise. tims sound aesthetic is a nice balancing act of tough >vertical sounds< and >horizontal floating< sounds. the tension he creates is breathtaking and to the point, never random. kossman is also good for some surprises, so expect a challenging composition here. >slower than zero< by its title, defines the style of the flipside entirely. meet the other face of tim kossmann, chilled out- slow motion- heavy dub electronica at its best! we totally embrace this song!
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2xcd D 13.02.17
echogarden is the place to be for everyone whose heart beats for dub techno. its the place where dub meets deep, where the air is filled with echo and where chords and atmospheric sounds intermingle. for our annual and third echogarden compilation we asked for your contributions and once again your participation was overwhelming! we have been thrilled!! thank you so much!! we received over 80 great tracks from artists all over the world and we enjoyed listening to all these tracks. it wasnt easy to decide which tracks to choose and which will find its place on the compilation. for a fair selection process we didnt watch out for names and popularity but listened to all tracks with closed eyes. finally we came up with 22 tracks, available on 2 cds. we hope you love this dub techno selection as much as we do!
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