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12" Vinyl D 05.02.18
centrifuge ep is the debut vinyl release on new hardgroove techno german label called kickmasomaass. this label was especially created to bring high quality hardgroove and tribal techno music for the real djs and a new life to vinyl. centrifuge ep is the first part of two vinyls where you can find a original version from slovakian hardgroove techno dj and producer andy bsk and three remixes from g8, goncalo m and wyrus. untill the original version is characterized by a groovy bassline with smooth percusions and synths, the g8 remix goes a little higher and bring the entire track to another level with great progressive sounds of trance and techno with a little acid synths too. don t need to write too much about the remix from hardgroove icon goncalo m because all hardgroove fans know how great his music work is. only a couple of words: killer beat, killer bass, killer percussions, this track kills all clubs and partys. next remix is from hardgroove producer wyrus. his remix is based on a killer beat with heavy percussions and at the lenght with over seven minutes is this track great for mixing. centrifuge ep is for all people they love hardgroove techno and we from kickmasomeass label will bring you only the best from the best. hope you all will appreciate our work and will support our label in the future too. may the hardgroove techno be with you.
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12" Vinyl D 02.11.16
welcome to fourth vinyl release on kickmasomaass records. this record called psychical disorder ep is a great four-tracker for all hardgroove techno fans. it contains one original mix and three winner remixes from psychical disorder remix contest. andy bsk has this time created one great psychedelic hardgroove track with great bassline and heavy kicks. the percussions with the psychedelic melody synths runs into delirium in every hardgroove head. the second remix is from lorenz b who is living in italy. his hardgroove techno remix with hardtrance elements is simply perfect. great bass, great kicks, great percussions. definitely one great track for every club and party. third track is coming to us from spain from two guys called jcortes and eloy palma. their remix is heavy and dark. brutal kicks with dark percussions will destroy every club. the last and fourth remix is from slovakian music producer buchtotronic. nice fast hardgroove track with oldskool hardcore and tekno elements will destroy every tekno party. definitely one of best remixes in psychical disorder remix contest. we made it one more time and bringing you a great record. so don t wait any longer and support our label with purchase of your own piece. enjoy!
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12" Vinyl D 22.07.16
kickmasomaass is back with another record. one more time with creme dela creme from the hardgroove techno music scene. back to the roots ep is bringing you four tracks. one original version from andy bsk and three remixes from wyrus, dj brutec and norman andretti aka quarill. all four tracks are definitely worth to listen and the money you pay for it. thanks for all support. enjoy!
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12" Vinyl D 03.05.16
centrifuge ep part 2 is the second vinyl release on this hardgroove techno german label. one more time with creme de la creme of hardgrooves best music producers. second part of centrifuge ep contains remixes from f.tek, dj brutec, eric sand and mark malle. mr. f.tek is bringing to our ears a really good hardgroove beat with heavy kicks and nice percussions. dj brutec remix sounds as always great. heavy kicks, heavy hihats and dark percussions for a real good hardgroove sound, definitely a club burner. eric sand s remix is one of the best remixes on centrifuge eps. his killer bass and hihats are destroying every sound system, definitely one great track for every hardgroove fan. mark malle s remix is more progressive and with his bpm under 130 perfect for afterpartys or chillin. centrifuge ep is for all people, who love hardgroove techno and we from kickmasomeass label will bring you only the best from the best. hope you all will appreciate our work and will support our label in the future too. may the hardgroove be with you
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12" Vinyl D 06.10.17
welcome to the next vinyl record on kickmasomaass records and we are back with next edition of hardgroove planet the second one. the only one real hardgroove techno sound on this planet released on vinyl! all others are only cheese! as always we bringing you also this time four tracks from creme de la creme of hardgroove techno producers. the first one chewy martins has delivered us track called dark shadows and i think that this one is one of his best tracks he has made. excellent dark synths with hard tribal beat and heavy kicks. a dream of every hardgroove fan and one must have for every hardgroove party. second track is from well known andy bsk called machine. this very poor producer from slovakia has finally delivered us one real hardgroove track that has a potential to destroy every club. his beat and sound is so catchy that every hardgroove fan will love this track. the next track on hardgroove planet 2 is from dj gumja called noelom. this slovenian dj and producer has delivered us a track with real hardgroove heart. great tribal beat filled up with a catchy vocal. great work from him! the last track and a grand finale for our hardgroove planet 2 is a track called moon from recycle bot. all fans who is know this producer knows that he is more hardtechno or techno producer as hardgroove but his track moon has something from hardgroove sound too and thats why we have added this track to our compilation. great hard beat with tribal percussions, dark synths and heavy kicks. so thats all for now. hope you all will love this new vinyl record and if you want to show some love then spread a word to your friends about this new release. thanks for all support. enjoy!
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