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12" Vinyl UK 22.11.18
(inc. shanti celeste / defekt remixes)
Feel My Bicep
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12" Vinyl UK 22.10.18
denis sulta has announced new offshoot to his sulta selects imprint, silver service. the debut release comes from cromby an irish born, berlin based producer on the up. following a thumping set at belfasts beloved ava festival, his new ep will be released on 21st september and features three peak-time club weapons, inspired by the sounds of classic chicago house. the lead futurola is a hard-hitting, jacking house track that packs a fierce bassline and emotive punch, whilst b1, barneymania is a chicago-tinged acid roller that layers melodic chords, the ep ends with the dark and sci-fi-tinged electro of fandango. the new label follows on from denis sulta’s selects imprint home to three volumes of his own essential 12inch series
Sulta Selects Silver Service
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12" Vinyl D 25.09.17
after moving from london to berlin cromby is back on tenderpark with his second ep for the vinyl label. the young man recreates our love for deep house with two sample-based tracks which showcase his ever advancing skills with the old school akai sampler mpc 2000 xl as well as his cool understanding of mixing haunting melodies with gripping groove patterns. the remix on the flip side comes from hip-hop super producer gone house lover hodini who has collaborated with the talented bass player chez kerim for this funky workout. the cover image shot by achim valbracht is the start of a new artwork series developed by tenderpark art director till sperrle which revolves around critique of investor-driven architechture that has been dominating berlin for several decades now. the speciously precious and glittering image displays a normalised and globally standardised kind of beauty but at the same time reveals a strong sense of loneliness. as always both the mastering and as well as the lacquer cut of this record have been carefully executed by vinyl sound mastermind helmut erler at dubplates & mastering.
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12" Vinyl D 11.01.16
cromby is an exciting addition to the london house music scene: originally hailing from belfast he has made camp in the british capital and brought his mpc 2000 xl with him. the young man who has grown up listening to chez damier and moodymann makes use of the japanese sampler from akai in a highly fresh and creative way combining raw drums with sweet and melancholic pads and chords. on his * planets and parks ep* cromby displays a very nice balance between a traditional deep house understanding and a forward thinking attitude and is thus just perfect for tenderparks’s idea of musicality. as far as the artwork of the record is concerned the beautiful black and white image is the last part of tenderparks current series concieved by art director till sperrle and photographer magdalena bichler. and as you ve come to expect from tenderpark all tracks have been mastered and cut by helmut erler at dubplates & mastering once more.
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12" Vinyl US 02.04.14
high qualitiy deep house
Love Revolution
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