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12" Vinyl UK 11.12.18
Four Thirty Two
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12" Vinyl UK 03.10.18
... so here it is, a double a side... side a is * valhalla * which attempts to be as majestic as the name suggests. <br / > side aa has * fidelity *, which is me channelling big room house as much as i can, while trying to keep ahold of whatever heart strings i can tug on. ill let you judge if ive achieved what id set to do with either.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl D 25.06.18
the mighty man power returns to correspondant. one of the earliest labels to champion his explorative technoid landscapes, and deliver his debut album, the mexico based composer makes a welcome return with three truly singular trips… ‘the zen of xen comes in two segued parts, comprising almost 13 minutes of full intergalactic immersion. laced with the alluring deep-dream vocals of tel avivs xen, anchored with tripped-out humanized harmonics and weaved with soaring pads, its a genuinely emotional narrative thats been cooking away on man powers creative wishlist since he first met xen at a show five years ago. elsewhere ‘heart for yes, life for no will have you spitting rainbow emojis all night. an incredible piece of vibrant melodic techno rooted in synthesis, galvanized with emotive layers, driven by feels it sets us up perfectly for the fantastical finale ‘hubris. cosmic, soft-focused, sparkling but topped with a choral chant that comes in from nowhere and arrests every sense as the elements rise and fuse with theatre. by far one of man powers most techno-focused and biggest records to date.
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12" Vinyl UK 04.04.18
currently generating some serious heat and momentum amongst dance music aficionados, man power rocks up with a single for futureboogie that further cements the reputation of this rising british producer/dj. the two original tracks are also backed with a remix from ruf dug. alongside his own very excellent me me me label, man power has been delivering diversely epic releases for labels like esp institute, optimo trax, and correspondant. in its original form, barranquilla trifle features rave-lite stabs and deliciously sweeping pads over woody percussion and an omnipresent studry bassline. a dash of acid darkness only energizes the mood, for what must surely be one of the best ‘sunrise moments’ tracks of the year! ruf dug takes barranquilla further on its trajectory towards summertime vibes the sounds of the ocean sea gently breeze over the soca beat, as the ruf kutz main man adds splashes of percussive hits, huge m1 pads, and melodious keys to the party. more 303 business coats kaon from its opening bars, as man power delivers his second original track on the release. an urgent breakbeat and wandering mega-bass soon evolve into thunderous beats and heady synth arpeggios, an almost post-punk funk atmosphere creeps into the bustling yet succinct ambience.
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12" Vinyl D 09.02.18
man power his raw electronic sound, organic flourishes and diverse selection make him a perfect match for dgtl, both on stage as well as on the imprint. next to releasing a steady flow of records on established labels like esp institute, optimo trax, correspondant and hivern discs, man power is running his own shop as well: me me me. this gives him an outlet to release music by both friends and himself. for his release on dgtl records he created a three-track ep called apologue ep, that showcases just two of different sides of his multi-faceted musical scope. the a-side features two firm, acid influenced tracks. the first of these two, the duelist, is an emotive house record, with a soundscape of piano melodies, synths and syncopated percussion laid on top of an acid bassline. el mago del tiempo features heavy hitting kicks combined with a sharp synth pattern. it has a long build up that keeps evolving throughout the entire composition. halfway through, the track breaks in to a raw and fierce rhythm accompanied by yearning, drawn-out synth pads. on the flipside, put your hands on the car (and get ready to die) brings back memories of a long gone past with nods to balearic pop, ebm, and the soundtrack work of stewart copeland, james horner, and jan hammer. this multi layered production has a warm and analogue sounding feel to it that rounds off a 3 dimensional release.
DGTL 003
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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.17
man power returned to his northern home for one last waltz. this is their joint offering for the esp institute. on side a, man power welcomes us with tistish, stepping slightly out of his comfort zone and employing a boxy breakbeat to create a dose movement. this contrasts his signature fatty bassline and together they establish a ground on which to stack layers of atonal square and sawtooth waves. about halfway through he introduces a massively seductive string lead and for the remainder of the ride this palette of sounds coalesce in dark orchestral beauty. on side b, man power’s cohorts last waltz deliver nee shitteru, a true stomper of a track complete with in-your-face toms and off-time percussion patterns, an intense driving acid line, and aggressive shamanic chanting. throw in some crash cymbals, sci-fi sound effects and a smattering of gamelan and it amounts to an overwhelmingly chaotic and psychedelic trip. these two songs will have you speaking in tongues.
ESP Institute
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12" Vinyl UK 21.09.17
man power has proven on many occasions to be adept at all manner of different moods within the hardware house canon, but on this occasion hes particularly focusing on creating an exotic feeling out of mechanical means. tropical bastard is a fitting title for this project for not an animal records, with the original steeped in driving patterns of rhythm and melody that approximate a flavour of far flung lands while mutating the feeling into something more club-minded. lord of the isles goes one step further with a remix that ramps the modulation up to devilishly wonky levels. tropical bastard 2inch is an entirely different beast that plays on a cinematic vision of tropical escape, but with an acid thread pulsing through it. then the frank butters remix finishes the ep off with a more submerged, but equally mischievous take.
NAAR 009
Not An Animal
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12" Vinyl D 07.07.17
newcastle-born, mexico-based man power debuts on optimo trax with two psychasonic missives cut extra loud for optimum sound system performance. we asked man power for some words about this release and he told us - -both tracks sound different, but they re both from the same place in as much as they represent a conscious effort by me to strip back some of unnecessary niceties in my music and really sharpen my focus on what makes people dance without crossing the fine line of what makes me sound like me.”
OT 029
Optimo Trax
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3x12" Vinyl UK 05.04.17
vol. 4 with more fantastic cosmic / ambient-ish / experimental tunes
Throne Of Blood
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12" Vinyl D 11.11.16
correspondant can finally reveal the release of the remixes for man powers debut lp, which was released last year on correspondant. a year in the making, the remix package features artists and friends hand-picked by both jennifer cardini and man power himself. disco halals moscoman remixes the baggy splendour of beilsteiner, creating a rolling and belching extended opus more focused toward the peak time dance floor. hivern discs jmii takes hunting swan and turns it inside out, exploring space with a cerebral, schizophrenic quality. alternatively, pale blue (mike simonetti) takes boys beware and re-imagines it as an aggressive drum workout. completing the package, suade, the artist who also mastered the original album, replaces ten’s balearic leanings with an idm sensibility, yet still retains the optimism of the original track. all 4 remixes manage to exist as distinct works in their own right, while paying homage to the magpie approach of the original long player.
Correspondant 52
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12" Vinyl UK 13.10.16
born and raised in newcastle in the uk, man power is now embedded in the depths of mexico in monterrey, a city on the rise after many years of internal strife. this unique new perspective and observations while on the road as a touring dj has given man power the impetus to launch his new label entitled me me me with his own production ‘tachyon’ paired with a remix from dj tennis.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl UK 29.06.16
stamp s back in business with two surefire disco edits from the mighty man power! after releasing some great original material on correspondent, hivern discs, throne of blood and voyeurhythm, the englishman-in-mexico shifts his focus to reinterpreting an early 80 s r&b hit and some hypnotising funk from the sultan of seduction. thnk u on the a side is all about building tension and teasing the crowd while ablett on the flip pushes up the tempo to create a break-heavy and hypnotic roller destined for peak time euphoria. unmistakable keys and excellent drum programming. keep em coming man powe
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12" Vinyl UK 28.06.16
man power left his northern home and ran south of the border. this is his first offering for the esp institute. on side a, he proves that he truly is the tourist, delivering what we’re already toting as our summer anthem—a relentless hurricane drum pattern full of toms, timbales and splashes that lays the rhythmic foundation for his pacific chords and euphoric melodies–an undeniable floor-filler that invites all to dance unencumbered by the constraints of “functional” club music. with side b’s oye, man power rolls out a similarly vibrant combination of drums and rhythm, however he toughens up the aesthetic with a massive rolling acid bassline, only briefly letting up for a spot of layered marimbas and spriteful pads before culminating in an emotional finale. after spending a couple years churning out tracks for various labels around the world, man power has undoubtably shifted his narrative point-of-view and updated his sense of craft upon his induction to the esp institute. these two songs will throw a wrench in your holiday.
ESP Institute
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12" Vinyl D 29.04.16
correspondant mainstay, man power, returns with his first artist ep for the label since his debut, the kiloton ep back in 2014.additionally, the last year has seen the artist dj around the world, release original material and remixes for numerous labels, and was capped by his being named as one of xlr8rs best new artists of 2015. the planet cock ep represents some of man power s most dance-floor directed work to date, veering from the arpeggiated big room techno-funk of stunt cock, to the stuttering analogue stomping of the temple, and rounded off by some breaked-up-neo-electro-with-a-middle-eastern-twist
Correspondant 43
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12" Vinyl NL 14.01.16
berlin + mexico based, but outer space destined, man power keeps his pants on for this vr floorshow, you might not though! geoff kirkwoods premier adventure on the inimitable voyeurhythm records (his first original outing since his acclaimed lp early in 2015) sends us on a serious electro flavoured journey to future times... imagine hovercraft trains, laser beards and rowboats in charge. side as ruthvern goes in big with some hypnotic peak time acid action, while wither pushes and builds the rap squelch even further, adding an epic saxophone section lifting the entire affair skyward!
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12" Vinyl UK 14.10.15
london based bad passion project, aka chris stoker (ess o ess) and andy bainbridge (machete savane), finally unveil their new record label, not an animal records? for their first release, they present an ep from friend and frequent collaborator man power (correspondant, hivern discs), featuring 2 original productions, as well as stellar remixes from the backwoods aka dj kent (force of nature) & ess o ess.?
NAAR 001
Not An Animal
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12" Vinyl D 26.05.15
correspondant are proud to announce the release of their first ever album, the debut from man power.
Correspondant LP 01
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12" Vinyl UK 22.04.15
the anonymous man power makes his debut on throne of blood with the labels first release in 2015. closely affiliated with jennifer cardinis correspondant records, hes been making waves across the underground over the past couple years with remixes and releases on labels including hivern discs, eskimo records, ene, infiné, rothmans, and is it balearic? with a debut lp in the can for correspondant and 12inches due on voyeurhythm, renate schalplatten, and discos capablanca, this unknown producer and dj is definitely one to keep an eye on in 2015.
Throne Of Blood
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12" Vinyl D 22.09.14
groovy acid tracks for some funky hip shaking dancefloor action
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12" Vinyl D 14.04.14
anonymous engineer man power delivers the kiloton ep for correspondants 26th release, available in both digital and vinyl formats on 14 april 2014. the producers recent contributions to the label, including a track on compilation 02, feature corrosive riffs and irreverent stylistic mixing. kiloton presents a tighter sound complimenting label signatures of acid-laced, dramaturgical warm-ups and off-kilter body workouts.
Correspondant 26
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12" Vinyl UK 18.02.19
inc man power remix
Through Gods Own Eyes
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 11.12.18
incl. sub level remix
Moxy Muzik
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12" Vinyl UK 01.03.17
soak by james hadfield, featuring danny linton, is one of the main reasons for the launch of me me me and a record i love so much i have done my first rem ix for the label, explains man power. further remixes from axel boman and bird of paradise cement a stellar third release on the burgeoning me me me imprint.
Me Me Me
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12" Vinyl D 02.05.16
futureboogie roll into spring with a heavyweight release from dastardly duo, ron & neil, aka ron basejam, and neil diablo, who between them bring years of musical chops and (most importantly) the funk to the table, and dont disappoint here. in its original mix, pedre son Éclatis a breezy yet sturdy slice of atmospheric synth dance, resplendent with swirling riffs and stammering bass
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12" Vinyl UK 22.04.16
this promising israeli talent delivers two slow burning tracks oozing with eastern influence and informed by the modern sounds of dance. part of the 84% creativity crew, naduve presents his second release with cocktail d amore in the form of a two track ep which revels in it s dark and seductive energy. -no good news- builds over it s 7-minute run layering mystic vocal synths and coupling them with splashing hats and tight shakers to give just enough beat driven energy to keep a crowd to attention. the flying guitars and staccato synths of a trip in tel aviv slither over half beat percussive structures to give this track a sinister feel ideal for late, late, late nights. wunderkind man power drops a tab on a trip, giving it a fresh take perfect for psychedelically inclined moments.
CDA 010
Cocktail D Amore
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12" Vinyl UK 13.04.16
after a relatively quiet 2015 which saw brooklyns throne of blood release the third volume in the moon rock ambient series and a handful of singles from man power, jimi after, and vito & druzzi, things are already heating up for 2016.
Throne Of Blood
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12" Vinyl UK 11.03.16
israeli-born berlin based producer and dj omer debuts his first release on cocktail d amore with two offerings of celestial house. the title cut blends the sounds of the east with an immediately seductive atmosphere of bright melodies leaving the listener plenty of room to be transfixed through it s entirety. -dust- dives deeper to reveal a more melancholic mood built on a symphony of lush pads and swirling metallic percussion. on remix duties are the wonderfully quirky estonian duo ajukaja & andrevski who deliver an oddball re-imagining which sends the original into outer space as it gently builds to sparkling fervor only heard on the outskirts of galaxies. rounding out the release is man power with an acid tinged burner which explodes into en excitement of live percussion and pads leaving any dance floor in complete ecstasy.
cda 009
Cocktail dAmore Music
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12" Vinyl UK 07.03.16
Red Laser Records
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12" Vinyl D 26.02.16
since his frst appearance on jeudi with true our favourite monte has developed his very own unique style. coming from the nerdish synth world and being a big carpenter fan his now darker approach to his sound was a consequent progression. we are great admirers of his art and proud to present his 3rd release , the radical ep on jeudi records
JEUDI Records
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12" Vinyl BE 20.08.14
exclusive japan import. london based producer jamie blanco and chris stokers re-enter is exotic & balearic. mysterious & anonymous engineer man power remix on a flip side. epic!
Ene Records
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