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12" Vinyl D 14.06.17
salty shores of a deep blue sea, mountain tops with blinding hats and wrapped up greenery in reoccurring patterns. three places, two journeys, heavenly lit in gentle warmth by the feathered sun. a collaboration of impressive beauty and beautiful impressions: acid pauli, christopher schwarzwalder,, nu and raz ohara take us, you, me, luise by the hand to paint a picture of shifting shapes and scenerey. two slow paced tracks, one per side, for that extra length and space it deserves.
Laut & Luise
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12" Vinyl D 27.06.16
after putting the band on the map with their first ep two years ago, the band feathered sun has grown into a life of its own. the more live sets they have played, the better they have defined their style. they are spearheading a brand of sound healing music abstractly narrative, always poetic, sometimes flirting with darkness but always perfectly produced to carry the audience into their own world. feathered sun are the collaborative experiment of nu,, raz ohara, chris schwarzwaelder, iannis ritter and acid pauli johannes laumer. each have active and flourishing solo artist careers, albeit still have time to collaborate with one another. the six-strong collective are a close-knit troupe who are primarily based in berlin and lima, peru. live improvisation is ultimately what brought the feathered sun project to life - they are open about their laidback, impromptu approach and this is apparent throughout this ep. side a was primarily crafted in peru by chris schwarzwaelder and with raz ohara’s mesmerising vocals. the end material was then sent to nu in berlin who crafted two tracks out of it. the ‘bulbo’ ep shows a willingness to explore different approaches within the collective and the music showcases their long-standing affiliation. it is a downtempo ep that has immaculate instrumentation, dreamy pads and brooding vocals throughout. this is intertwined with organic sounds and moody atmospheric melodies, gives the release a timeless and emotive ambience.
Platon Records
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12" Vinyl D 15.07.15
capturing the spirit of the season, when the electronic music community leaves its darkened rooms and heads back to nature, feathered sun are here with the perfect accompaniment.
Circus Company
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12" Vinyl D 11.03.14
nu, j.o.k.e, raz ohara, chris schwarzwaelder, iannis ritter who, for the 1rst time, recorded as a band called feathered sun. all these artists have known each other for years and have been recording on the road or during retreats in peru. they all may sound familiar as most of them have been touring the world for the past 2 years accumulating hits, especially nu who got recognition after the who loves the sun song with haunting voice.
Platon Records
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12" Vinyl D 19.11.15
land in sicht vol. 1 ist das letzte release der arche-reihe: eine wiederkehrende serie, bei welcher die musik eine geschichte in verschiedenen kapiteln erzählt: aufbruch, sintflut & land in sicht. auf der arche003 übernehmen canson, feathered sun, bernstein & rearte das steuer des treibenden boots und untermalen dies mit melancholischen und doch hoffnungsvollen klängen, die einen neuanfang im fremden unbekannten einleiten.
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