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12" Vinyl D 24.11.18
incl. superb rex the dog remix
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12" Vinyl UK 04.09.18
next up on duskys renowned 17 steps label is the return of long term pal kiwi. having supported the lads on 9 of the 17 steps tour dates and having also provided the 15th release in the label catalogue - the fellow londoner now readies his oooh ep which comes backed up with a remix from feel my bicep affiliate hammer. kiwis sound is one defined by positive, kinetic feeling joining the dots between detroit techno, soul and balearic. with previous releases on futureboogie, life and death and moscomans lauded disco halal imprint, hes garnered several accolades including reaching number #85 in mixmag s top 100 tunes of 2017 and sitting at #1 in the genre chart for a total of 9 weeks with his orca ep back in 2016. now continuing on his ascent, kiwi lays out a pair of rapturous, gooey house jams that lands right on time for the festival season. on oooh vocal lines swirl over a largely beatless backing track. a rich, balmy feeling unfolds behind synth chimes and layered delays which work together to form an irresistible summer dj tool. andromeda then follows up and blends 80’s soundtrack-tinged stabs with crispy drums and thick sub bass before being accompanied by a pulsating synth line that carries the track to a delectable crescendo. hammer then closes things up with a somewhat hallucinogenic take on oooh with lfos, analogue sweeps and blobs of acid bleeding together to cap off an altogether warm and woozy trip.
17 Steps
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12" Vinyl D 16.04.18
this is a homage to childhood years spent in the scottish highlands. to mountain biking in fort william. to nights out in glasgow and edinburgh. to the scene and the people. to cha deoch-slaint, i gun a traghadh. its no health if the glass is not emptied. this is alex warrens little nod to scotland. disco halal is delighted to add another genius dancefloor master to the family, kiwi. pine marten opens the ep up, contemplative and majestic, like highlanders preparing for battle. following up, daubentens bat is a bonafide disco halal anthem with indigenous vocals and psychedelic woodwinds. to close the ep, kiwi reworks pine marten into a peak time, italo-infused roller. the highlanders drop their swords, head to panorama bar and jig with reckless abandon.
Disco Halal
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12" Vinyl UK 06.02.18
kiwi aka alex warren, returns to futureboogie after 2016s well received orca ep (which picked up support from the likes of dj harvey, pbr streetgang, manpower, kate simko & many more) with the cinematically sprawling amityville ep.
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2x12" Vinyl UK 30.01.18
maurizio cattelan and photographer pierpaolo ferrari’s renegade art publication toilet paper returns to the vinyl factory to team up with nike lab, releasing four propulsive club tracks from across the world, united under the title fast forward. toilet papers latest visual treat appears as a hyper-real gatefold, featuring new music by dj tennis and sebra cruz (italy), t&p a.k.a. tim sweeney and lauer (usa/germany), fantastic man (australia), and kiwi (uk). curated by nomadic online broadcaster automat radio (who rolled into london last year for a party with phonica records), the selection is aimed at showcasing the contemporary dance scenes of each producer’s respective country. toilet paper’s latest visual treat appears as a hyper-real gatefold, featuring new music by dj tennis feat. sebra cruz (italy), t&p a.k.a. tim sweeney and lauer (usa/germany), fantastic man (australia), and kiwi (uk). curated by nomadic online broadcaster automat radio (who rolled into london last year for a party with phonica records), the selection is aimed at showcasing the contemporary dance scenes of each producers respective country. limited to 1.000 copies, you can order your copy of fast forward here and see the stunning artwork in more detail below.
The Vinyl Factory
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12" Vinyl UK 21.11.17
following dusky’s ubiquitous ‘cold heart’ ep 17 steps presents kiwi’s ‘marmora’s theme’ ep - the london producer’s debut on the label.
having recently released on tastemaker labels such as futureboogie, correspondent and optimo music, kiwi’s distinctive sound is a physical mix of italo disco, techno and electro influences.
carried by a pulsating italo bassline, lead track ‘marmora’s theme’ is a cosmic epic that rides crisp piano melodies and sci-fi synths - and is already garnering support from gerd janson, dj tennis and annie mac.
transporting the original’s piano euphoria into darker, rave referencing territory, the tuff city kids remix calls on growling reese bass and ’92 hardcore style pianos.
offering some alternative vibes are the deeper, dirgy warehouse grind of ‘oth’ and the beautiful, reflective electronica of ‘reservoir’.
17 Steps
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12" Vinyl D 06.11.17
special limited series on life and death with limited presale time = blitz releasedate. tracklist a1 joakim - baobab , b1 kiwi - is it balearic?
Life And Death
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12" Vinyl UK 24.07.17
white label with hand-stamped. in a world over easy-come-easy-go overnight success stories, artists like kiwi are a rare find. steadily refining his skills as a dj and producer since the mid 00’s, whilst amassing a back-catalogue with labels such as optimo, disco halal and futureboogie, his trajectory encompasses an eclectic range of influences, making him something of a sonic wild card. with shards of disco, techno and fuzzy electronica always present, it’s seems fully logical that he can count the likes of erol alkan, andrew weatherall and dj harvey as fans. now, making his debut on moda black, kiwi delivers a surreal trip that balances raw energy with e-moment goosebumps, perfectly backed up by remixes from cult favourites lord of the isles and willie burns
Moda Black
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12" Vinyl D 22.11.16
alex warren, aka kiwi, debuts on futureboogie for the labels closing release of the year. with previous releases on labels like optimo music, blasé boys club and sneaky music, the versatile producer serves up four tracks of deep and driving underground goodies.
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12" Vinyl D 29.08.16
london’s alex warren, aka kiwi presents “throwdown”, a cover version of carmen’s cult and in demand 1986 electro funk hit. it comes in two versions, a 4/4 club mix and at the suggestion of jd twitch, an updated take on a latin freestyle mix. both versions feature full vocals from ciara haidar and have “summer hit” written all over them.
OMD 07
Optimo Music
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12" Vinyl UK 26.06.15
boundary pushing ep from kiwi, regular side kick & friend of duke dumont, on duke s re-launched label blase boys club. london based dj, producer and wonderkid kiwi steps forth as duke dumont s blase boys club imprint announces their next club ready ep.
Blase Boys Club
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12" Vinyl FR 07.11.14
deep and vitamined odysée through the industrial and dark universe of the detroit early techno and the chicago acid rains, cyclop ep is the first 4 titles ep of kiwisubzorus, launched out on vielspass. designed as an ode in tr808, devil market and uncontrolocodeur blow the dark and getho athmosphère of kiwis mythology whereas on the other side winterdream and west renegade is more jack and deep.
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12" Vinyl UK 22.09.14
londoners kiwi and ashworth return to sneaky for a follow-up to dawn ep, the warm, dusty and at times experimental release, championed by the likes of daniel avery, eric duncan and tiefschwarz. the past few months have been busy for both halves of the duo, with kiwi signing to duke dumont s blase boys club and remixing for house music super-labels bpitch control and get physical, whilst ashworth has signed music to tomoki tamura s holic trax and needwant. second ep takes a new format, with two original tracks alaska and na am on the a-side, backed up by a nicholas & marcoradi remix of cux3 and ranacat s remix of zubr. alaska could be described as an amalgamation of the inspirations that lead to the first sneaky release, combining the pumping house beats of cux3, the comforting wurlitzer of zubr and the ethereal movie-soundtrack dusk. na am is something totally different, existing mainly as a collage of recorded and found sounds, avoiding the usual structure of house music in favour of something reminiscent of the weirder side of the chemical brothers. strange though the track may be, the climax would undoubtedly move a room full of pilled up ravers to a state of frenzy. the b-side remixes both hint to dance floors of the 90s, with nicholas and marcoradi making you wait and wait before dropping an unforgettable piano hook, whilst sneaky s ranacat lifts zubr out of context and into peak time territory.
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12" Vinyl UK 25.08.14
Blase Boys Club
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12" Vinyl UK 03.12.13
sneaky music maintain the pressure that the labels debut release from silk 86 built up, welcoming london pairing ashworth & kiwi into the fold with the dawn ep. south london based kiwis music combines influences from disco, funk and house and has notable released on needwant and deepshit, whilst east londoner ashworth debuted on balsaal, garnering support dixon, dj t and josh wink and recently teamed up with citizen for waze & odysseys label w&o street trax.
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12" Vinyl UK 23.07.13
the 2nd release on deep shit - the label curated by edwin congreave from foals and jack savidge from friendly fires - is the debut ep from durrr resident kiwi, aka alex warren.
Deep Shit
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12" Vinyl D 06.03.17
toy tonics mushroom house series brings together different shades of afro-weirdo-psychedelic vibes in dance music. all tracks have been made exclusively for toy tonics. the musical range is wide: the third ep goes from arabic guitars to nubian chants and looots of percussions. the bass drum is four-on-the-floor, but switches from midtempo (kiwi: we are here) to classic new york lofi disco grooves (ponty mython) the other 2 tracks on the ep feature an emptier vibe: less toms more drum machines. more techno. red axes deliever probably one of their weirdest works. their munk rework is pure craziness. the melodies come from another space. the last track on the ep is made by old toy tonics friends from milano: the barking dogs. they teamed up with tom trago in the basement studio of the great record store they run in milan: serendeepity records. they are known for selling obscure, but classy music for dance floors and thats what they do when the make music on their own. like on your high: an obscure groove meets a sloppy bassline and stoned vocals.
Toy Tonics
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12" Vinyl FR 27.01.17
three phunked up chicago disco banger
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2x12" Vinyl UK 30.08.16
played by roland the realest, born to shine records, henri le blanc
together melbourne pair amin payne and sean deans form apsd, and they debut in quite impressive form with this digital dust album for hot shot sounds. inkswel and benny badge s label has developed into the prime source for what they call -drum machine soul music- and apsd are a perfect fit. some 11 tracks deep, digital dust features contributions from the voice of fat freddy s drop himself, joe dukie, as well as miles bonny, cazeaux oslo, silent jay and more. yet it s deans and payne s innate mastery of a glistening brand of funk across various tempos which shines through on this album.
HS 009
Hot Shot Sounds
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coloured 12" Vinyl FR 20.04.16
after the new album “still waters” recently released, and sustained by the lively “back for more” and the captivating “2good4me”, breakbot is back with a limited edition ep on translucent vinyl of 4 “get lost” remixes and one exclusive cover by the band jamaica. still with his sidekick irfane, breakbot is more than ever determined to make us dance with a new succession of hits each one more exciting than the last.
Because Music
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12" Vinyl NL 03.07.15
debut ep for this young cos/mes relative. every night before sleep she spends time hammering tracks alone in the dark. far out and far eastern electronics!
Born Free
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cd UK 23.11.16
milky bomb records are releasing the debut album from slf&co titled no beats in algebra. slf&co no beats in algebra is a collaboration of vocalists and musicians also known as the lovely folk & friends from around the towns of blighty. the slf&co project came to light from a pc, in a flat, in norwich. clocks tick, tracks emerge, people lend an ear, a voice, some insight and the occasional slap. influenced and inspired by many different genres and production techniques with a few bits and bobs of rock, electronica, ambient, dance, hip/trip-hop, avant-garde and progressive music. no beats in algebra will fulfill all of your musical preferences in one nicely rounded package for the ears and mind to ponder. featured artists on no beats in algebra can also be found with their respective groups on the compilation release an amalgamation of sorts. part zero (2015) through milky bomb records.
Milky Bomb Records
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cd NL 16.04.15
armada startet die neue mixserie -beyond borders- mit den vibrierendsten hotspots der clubmusik auf diesem planeten. den anfang machen london und king unique, bekannt für seinen deepen, bassgetriebenen underground-house, den er als dj und remixer (für u.a. underworld, junkie xl, unkle) zelebriert. hier heißt es endlich wieder: deep, down & dirty - mit 25 toptracks von grum, kölsch, dave seaman, u.v.a.
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cd US 16.02.09
extraction is a compilation series that travels the world to showcase emerging and already established electronic music artists. each compilation provides a platform for a different region to unite music and scene, which allows the artists to grow together as part of the international electronic music community.
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