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12" Vinyl D 03.06.16
we are proud to announce a new member to the echocord family, we have signed the super talented tomas rubeck. he is known for his releases on labels like, animal farm, amadeus, fifth interval, telrae and more. based in the midlands (uk) where post industrial decay fringes with an idyllic rural backdrop, it may not be too much of a surprise as to where aspiring artist tomas rubeck takes his lead on inspiration for his music. with an ear for detailed production and a self confessed perfectionist when it comes to sound design and artistic flare, its clear as to why his records seem refreshingly different. his first ep on echocord contains 3 heavy powerfull dubby tracks, all for the dancefloor.
Echocord 070
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12" Vinyl D 25.09.14
afr welcome uk based producer tomas rubeck for their 4th release with the fm ep. rubeck serves up 2 slices of dub infused deep techno, laden with atmospherically processed field recordings, crisp beats and sub aquatic synthesis. two special remixes are also included which are an amalgamation of both tracks. spanish duo exium are first up who take things down a more trippy, hypnotic road, followed by animal farms quail whos pulsing, broken beat effort further deepens the ep. all tracks mastered by conor dalton @ glowcast mastering.
Animal Farm Records
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12" Vinyl D 28.05.13
for the labels fourth release the aula magna team welcomes our first international guest, uks rising sound architect tomas rubeck. with inster ep the artist presents carefully crafted dub techno cuts and for remix duty we invited swedens mattias fridell to cast his techno spark to the package. its clear that rubecks sound and groove palette is born from producer whose artistry has taken a major leap forward. richly textured soundscapes define inster 01 and inster 02 on the a side, deep and warm tracks that hypnotize on steady but pushing beats. an inspiring experimental attitude gives shape to the aforementioned and the rest of the record. b sides inster 03 rests on a more broken-beat focus and the digital exclusive inster 04 shifts back to the dancefloor. in between, fridells cleverly designed rework of 03 boosts rubecks sounds into peak-time mayhem. a futuristic odyssey through unexplored acoustic dimensions awaits the listener
Aula Magna
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12" Vinyl UK 01.06.12
lampuka records is a new underground electronic music label dedicated to releasing quality music on limited vinyl pressings & digital. the ethos for lampuka according to boss raimo: thought provoking and mood evoking. i want people to remember when they first encountered a lampuka.
the labels inaugural release features original tracks from head honcho raimo and up and coming producer tomas rubeck, who has a growing number of releases under his belt. lovingly hand stamped and limited to 375 physical copies, this release also features a spellbinding remix from edinburghs finest deep house confectioner gavin sutherland aka fudge fingas - known for his sublime work on prime numbers and the uber collectible firecracker imprint.
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12" Vinyl UK 24.03.17
fifth interval gather together some of the most forward thinking minds in the dub techno sphere for this various artists ep. those already acquainted with the label will be familiar with the likes of federsen and tomas rubeck, who headed up the first and second releases respectively. they are joined by dub techno luminary brendon moller, aka beat pharmacy and alessandro crimi, for this four tracker of perfectly contrasting arrangements. federsen opens the proceedings with the sunset sequence of bay blues, cascading keys rolling through the gaps in a subtly broken drum arrangement, making for effortless and captivating listening. beat pharmacy contributes his first original material to the label after a brace of remixes last year. showing true mastery of the board, chromed chord stabs are pushed and pulled around the mix in true dubwise style, drifting over a malleable bassline that packs a serious punch. on the flip side, tomas rubeck crafts a tightly woven backdrop of constantly evolving, organic atmospherics and powerful drum work for io, and this muscular workout is perfectly contrasted by the swung grooves and kaleidoscopic synthesis of alessandro crimis fractal clouds, which closes the ep.
Fifth Interval Records
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12" Vinyl, 180gr UK 02.02.15
180g vinyl with printed sleeve.
federsen returns to fifth interval for another sublime instalment of dance floor friendly dub-techno. dewpoint is an altogether tighter affair when compared to the label s first release, point reyes. the drums are taut and razor-sharp, propelling the listener effortlessly through a dense fog of ferric clouds, swelling to fill the outer-reaches of the echo chamber. a highly polished metallic production style that can be compared to some of andy stott s early and classic works. tomas rubek remixes dewpoint for the b-side, remaining faithful to the original track s structure but viewing it through a tinted lens. dewpoint s chords become iridescent, kick drums fall into a straighter pattern and are backed by further dusty percussion, shifting the original into spheres inhabited by the likes of rod modell and fluxion.
Fifth Interval Records
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