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12" Vinyl FR 22.11.12
emotion ii emotion is portland duo avalon kalin (finesse) and rafael fauria (miracles club) that blend garage & deep house live with gritty samples, fm synthesis, analog hardware, swing and passion. looking back to the golden age of house music and pushing it forward as a live art form. inspired by the best of the 90’s club sounds, they deliver here their first ep full of deep house killers.
Wax Classic
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12" Vinyl US 03.03.15
la/detroit two-steppers newbody (aka roberto ramone and jonathan roshad) keep the faith on their latest single. *emotional* and the flip *wut u do* share the duos brisk vocal house signature: cooled garage energy, uptown piano, bass calisthenics, satin shirt soul. the remixes flex different tendons of the tracks: emotion ii emotion pumps it to jack city, piano stabs and discotheque horns over a lush, lewd bounce, while cromie & sage caswell go more stereoscopic, dizzying the song into an abstract sunrise awakening. also includes a radio edit of “emotional,” to bait the top 40 djs on the fence. mastered by mark pistel. center label design by trevor tarczynski.
House Of Silk
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