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12" Vinyl FR 16.02.18
slamming legowelt style
Nocta Numerica
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12" Vinyl UK 26.01.18
weve been huge fans of tims work since the release of his first self-titled ep on astrolab. his analogue sound has been described as both death mulch and rare gloom. for his second work for love twelve, he continues the journey into dark spaces with four more deep synth freakers from his fish island school of synthesis studio. after releases on esteemed labels including emotional response, world unknown, bird scarer, hoga nord, rotters golf club (as the asphodells with andrew weatherall) and his own label crimes of the future which he runs with scott fraser, his debut album where is the champion? was released earlier in the year to critical acclaim. tim will continue to push forward and we feel privileged to see him return for a wfl round two.
Work For Love
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12" Vinyl NL 30.06.17
timothy j. fairplay is revisiting hoga nord rekords to release the 12inch ep mindfighter: photosensitive electronic music from one of the pillars of the modern meaningful dance music scene. together with scott frasier, t.j.f. is running the record label crimes of the future and he is also known as one half of the asphodells together with andrew weatherall. this is his second release on hoga nord rekords and his first ep on the label.
Hoga Nord Rekords
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7" Vinyl UK 04.01.16
exclusive 7inch single in conjunction with mount alalog los angeles presenting crimes of the future label bosses scott fraser and timothy j. fairplay with 2 exclusive cuts of leftfield house and electro psychedelia, very limited copies!
Crimes Of The Future
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12" Vinyl NL 30.01.15
the pinkman sister label charlois continues its journey with a four tracker by gearfreak timothy j. fairplay. this time the operator is pushing his machines into the depths of late 70s giallo scores, which resulted in four haunting, rough house and disco cuts. limited edition with silk screened sleeves!
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12" Vinyl D 08.05.12
bird scarer is andrew weatheralls new vinyl only limited edition (300) record label.bird scarer 001 is by timothy j fairplay - r.g.c. studio s resident engineer, analogue curator, multi-instrumentalist, remixer and solo artiste. its called the final reel and during its eleven minute duration it passes signposts marked john carpenter, klaus schulze and doris norton.the epic piece has been consolidated into a seven minute remix by mr. weatherall himself, who has also done a limited edition lino print to accompany the first 20 copies.remember, bird scarer is a download free project.
Bird Scarer Records
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12" Vinyl UK 25.10.11
the third release on the world unknown label is a very meaty affair that coincides with the second birthday of the club night in brixton. on side w timothy j. fairplay fuses ancient egypt with late 80s belgium and drops it slap bang into the near future with the monolithic techno beast that is >cleopatra loves the acid<. its already been played in discos and on the bbc by andrew weatherall, for whom tim handles engineering and co-production duties in his day job, and is set to become a pounding anthem on the more adventurous dancefloors over the coming months. side u is a more throbbing psychedelic affair. kalidasa is the production alter-ego of tim rivers who runs the always excellent website. it<s exactly the kind of heavyweight midtempo tune that causes sweaty pandemonium at world unknown. if the word balearic still meant now what it did to from 87-92 then thats precisely what youd call this, most likely with the prefix >heavy<. but it doesnt so you cant, or can you?
World Unknown
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12" Vinyl NL 25.08.17
music must be free. freedom in music is often suppressed by lack of, or by obstacles for creativity, which stops forward progression. the development that fontanís songs have gone through, reaching this ep is unexpected and surprising but still, the bodies and characters of the original songs are intact and recrafted with fingerspitzengefuhle. from the core of fontanís psychedelic and dreamy music, the artists involved on this release have hit cuts and chips off like cro-magnon people creating specific tools. tools with the power to blow holes open in the listeners mind.
Hoga Nord Rekords
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12" Vinyl NL 21.04.16
during their european tour earlier this year, canadian duo jokers of the scene stopped over for a couple of days at club bizarre studio in northern france. the two pair of producers locked up and came up with betaville and breakwater, two killer lo-fi and spaced out tracks. betaville is a fuzzy dream that will make you dance in slow motion with your head in the clouds. boasting a strong melodic and nostalgic feel, it unfolds its warm analog synth pads, old school sequences and drum machine to psychedelic effect. imagine boards of canada wanting to make you dance. even slower is breakwater, a dirtier, chunkier track that ditches the softness of betaville in favour of a more in your face bass line and all together rougher attitude. it chugs along to old fashioned beat box claps and percussion and quirky synth melodies. lastly betaville gets the timothy j fairplay treatment of being violently pulled apart and chucked in all corners. reminiscent of early chemical brothers music, a heavy beat slaps over agressive drugged up analog sound effects while a repetitive, haunting melody screams on top and reverberated vocals whisper in your ears. scary.
Rotten City Records
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12" Vinyl US 04.09.15
endeavors, the 4th compilation from voltaire records, explores the vibes of boogie, disco, modern funk, and whatever the hell type of music is also on there that doesnt fit into those aforementioned genres. it s the music that a bunch of nasty psychotic animals would be jamming in a festering urban back alley, as shown on the compilation cover, illustrated by oakland- based artist, jessie california
vr 013
Voltaire Records
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12" Vinyl D 08.12.14
the rattler proxy, a sonic duo from athens, greece, release their debut single featuring two original songs mcreadys blues and mr. sham - along with a remix of the latter by timothy j. fairplay, one half of the asphodells.
Lurid Music
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