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12" Vinyl NL 07.07.17
samo records second release comes from australia s tunnel signs, who has previously released on cutters records, nein records, days of being wild, to name a few. -ultraviolet,- a ready-for-the-floor collaboration with moderna (ghostly, lumiere noir), blends a stick-in-your-head vocal with hard electro for radiantly retrofuturistic results. -carbonate- emanates classic industrial vibes with a heavy, pumping bassline and soaring, melodic synths. the markus gibb (rttb) remix of -ultraviolet- strips the original of its prominent synths while adding a healthy dose of slinky, hypnotic beats and dissonant samples. wt records willie burns turns -carbonate- into a big-room-rave anthem: driving rhythms punctuated by noisy squelches under heavy synth loops.
Samo Records
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12" Vinyl UK 10.02.17
tunnel signs is the nom de plume of australian born lover, fighter and romantic, ash moses. with a taste for playing and producing records that embrace the darkness, moses parts the sea and finds the wonky middle ground between reverb drenched postpunk, hypnotic techno and spaced out disco. having previously seen releases on labels such as nein, clouded vision and hakt he now finds a home with cutters records with this 12inch with will buck. the release, titled spirits came into existence when ash relocated to new york city, a place he had long dreamed of from afar. as luck would have it he found himself sharing an apartment with another likeminded electronic musician named will buck who became his studio-partner and eventual collaborator. having bonded over a shared love of synthesizers, drum machines and all things rhythm they soon began their own freeform jam sessions which paved the way for this 12inch release. spirits shares some of the slow hypnotic swagger and dark disco drone of red axes and multi culti but with a futuristic percussive palette of the likes of four tet. the heady modulated elastic synth sounds give way to deep undulating bass patterns and tribal percussion. on the flip, the lights get turned out and the acid turned up with an ominous techno rework courtesy of hivern discs own marc pino
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12" Vinyl D 22.10.13
hardly a stranger to the scene, ash moses first made a name for himself in dj booths across his hometown of sydney. it wasnt long before the bonafide musician crossed the dj booth threshold into the realm of production under the tunnel signs moniker and, eventually, as one-half of the death strobe label, where he released his debut sun ep
Have A Killer Time
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12" Vinyl UK 01.03.12
tunnel signs is the new studio project of ash moses - graphic designer, dj and exactly one half of death strobe records.
sun is his debut release - a driving disco-house jam written over a glorious sydney summer with axe provided by ghostwoods paddy harrowsmith and cutters records house legend nile delta on production duties. the ep neatly ties together the various influences and vibes that have inspired ash in his never ending tumble down the rabbit hole of techno. dark yet happy, serious but fun ... the stuff they call dance music!
Death Strobe
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