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12" Vinyl FR 22.02.18
surely one of the most famous song that franck produced in his entire career.. the combination between him and mandel turner (naturally born in usa) was explosive the day they created this songin avery naive and uncalculated way .it all started from a beat on a mpc with a minimal hook and a bassline.. franck called his long time friend mandel turner to join him in his studio and explained him that the idea was not to do a classic garage song but to make it in a modern way. the result was to work on a strong chorus without verses etc .that we can found on every classic songs. we gived a demo track to appolonia guys wich were in ibiza starting their new residency at dc10 and it has been played the whole summer and all clubbers in ibiza knew this song and became a underground hit when it came out.. franck asked to his close friends (seuil etc..) and producers to give another interpretation of this song because he knew that his friends loved already this song.. so they gave to this song a new life few month later after the success of the original release. today we got ion one wax different versions of this song for different time to be played and different audiences.
Home Invasion
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12" Vinyl FR 18.10.12
franck roger reunites with vocal powerhouse mandel turner for one of the years most infectious tracks, >through the motions<. the product of a melting pot of inspirations, >through the motions< features a hilarious spoken-word sample, mandels ultra smooth vocal contribution and louche, hypnotic atmosphere underpinned by a laid back bpm.
already support by agoria, sebo k, sascha dive, kate simko, tiefschwarz, lee curtiss, lauhaus, anthony collins, jimpster, tripmastaz, shinedoe, slam, manik, roberto rodriguez, burnski, rocco, ralf gum, claude monnet, willie graff, okain, fabrice lig ,
Real Tone
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12" Vinyl FR 03.11.11
ultraphat two track house anthems
Real Tone
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