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12" Vinyl UK 05.08.16
the organ grinder is no newcomer to the scene. with releases on labels such as 4lux, heist, and catapult, this veteran is ready to shake things up for the borg lads in the northern hemisphere.
on the a side -attention- is the big room tech tool, a true attention seeking force not to be reckoned with.
“delicate din- strikes a deeper chord with the perfect contrast to the attention grabbing a-side, with the constantly evolving resonant bass and the irregular 4/4 groove.
Borg LTD
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12" Vinyl UK 23.02.16
the organ grinder mints his new record label with a bulked up reissue of a gem from his back catalogue that will make djs - and dancers - very happy. far from throwaway, this is music rooted in the 90s us garage sound of kerri chandler, masters at work and early todd edwards, with the intensity of true deep house and the light rhythmic touch of ukg. obsession originally came out almost 5 years ago, but there s simplicity in its skittering rhythm and a mantra of rising minor-note synth hits that keep it burning into the dancefloor. x rated hits like its inverted counterpart, with a more heavily weighted drum groove and garage stabs that spiral down your spine. physicality finishes the ep with cunningly-sampled soul music, sung notes of passion belted out over a tense background of keys and rhodes chords, weaving an atmosphere that only comes out of expertly woven harmony
Graft 01
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 17.11.15
the third release for lets play house offshoot, room service, is another fully-loaded four-tracker, a live grenade to be launched at dancefloors around the world. the originals here are by the organ grinder, the welsh producer known for his hefty house bangers for labels like 4 lux, heist, and, recently, lph itself (he remixed jacques renaults -the fake out- last year). pressing on translucent red & smokey black marbled vinyl.
Room 03
Room Service US
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12" Vinyl UK 23.09.15
for the latest slice of magic on the evermore impressive fina white, the organ grinder, aka cayne ramos, continues with a prolific run of releases which has planted his expansive productions straight in the bags of discerning club commanders like move d, brawther, and laurent garnier. showcasing a broad, tasteful musical pallet, studied studio skills, and a sharp ear in the mix, the daily struggles ep is a fine arrangement of house and techno that will find itself at home on the uncompromising warehouse floors, the sun drenched courtyards, and in the darker, seedier moments of the night, when only the strong remain, and the weak have long since departed
Fina White
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12" Vinyl + 10" Vinyl D 02.12.14
listen to this if you like: anything that weve put out last year, wrapped together in a lovely double pack of a 12inch and 10inch. the roundup part 1 is the first part of an annual recurring event: the big heist family remix ep, where all artist names get put in a big bowl, and by luck of the draw, find themselves remixing (and remixed by) another heist artist. weve got max graef remixing detroit swindle and turning the break up into a full on graef-affair.
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl NL 21.02.14
4lux is proud to bring you the highly anticipated spanner in the works track, a crazy house bomb with hints of uk dub-step. the release contains 2 strong forward-thinking remixes by gerd & alden tyrell and nicholas.
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12" Vinyl D 10.12.13
its not easy making jams that really work the crowd just as well in bristol as in berlin. nor any other city for that matter. its those crossover artists that really stand out for us with tunes that do so much more than just ride the wave of whats hot. enter the organ grinder and his sick 3track ep for heist.
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12" Vinyl NL 14.06.13
the organ grinder returns to top form and delivers a smashing second ep for 4lux. on title track steam roller the grinder joins forces with fellow cardiff producer chesus to bring you true dance floor heat! deep undercover is built around an infectious disco loop while the driver and order in the house display the grinders love for joyful house grooves! another big 4lux!
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12" Vinyl UK 12.12.12
two proper peak time house tracks here from the organ grinder blending uk garage vibes with traditional us house. my rendition is a refined and warm housey affair which kicks off on a light piano tip before the bass creeps in to disarm and charm dance floors. vocal snippets drop in over the breakdowns and the tracks irresistible melody to lead it to an intense atmospheric peak. jersey jam is a svelte jersey style future groover which sticks to the basic principles of crisp drums paired with a melodic hook set around a simple and quirky arrangement with an infectious vocal gluing the whole track together.
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12" Vinyl NL 30.11.12
the organ grinder made a lot of noise with his sought-after obsession track late last year. his unique and raw blend of deep house and uncompromising beats perfectly fits 4lux catalogue so, here the grinder serves you with 4 mighty dancefloor bombs. smiley face is a tough ravey club track with catchy vocals and blunt stabs. project features a collab with jessy allen resulting in a mesmerizing tune. universe is another pumping track reminiscent of early belgium rave music but then in a true organ grinder club-vibe. heaven is a smooth nugget with delicate strings, simple organ notes and atmospherical vocals.
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12" Vinyl UK 26.11.12
chesus, c from c.r.s.t., half of darkhouse fam and the one and only metabeats fresh from his recent hip hop smash >hookers< with action bronson. so apart from having a finger in just about every conceivable pie, chesus is going back to his house roots on this solo project, which features the local talents, also making a fair name for themselves, the organ grinder and didz. this is an e.p. of classic house smashers, harking back to the house heyday of the 90s but with a production twist from 2012.
code for free mp3 download of these tracks included.
Ten Thousand Yen
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12" Vinyl UK 06.03.12
the impeccably talented organ grinder returns to the catapult records fold, with, believe it or not, only his 2nd solo single to date. the artists first sell out release obsession gained him some serious global attention with steffi charting the title in her 2011 end of year round up for clone. the organ grinder introduces vocalist jessy allen who will be a familiar name shortly with appearances on what i want by crst (forthcoming on valve records) and will also make an impression with her vocal contribution on the fourth studio album from high contrast the agony and the ecstasy on hospital records. for this outing he offers a simple and accessible track with an anthemic scope whipping up a combination of some serious teutonic funk and floor friendly, party-wise golden era of house vibes.
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12" Vinyl UK 07.10.11
for their sophomore release catapult records presents the debut solo release from the organ grinder aka chico from didz and chico fame, one half of the duo that brought us the outstanding >something new< on doc daneekas ten thousand yen label. >obsession< and >new age people< are back on the old school renaissance tip sharing the same soulful classic tones that underpinned >something new< which got plays from the likes of larent garnier and sinden.
these are two classy modern garage hits that have a back in the day vintage feel, think tuff jams garage classic >experience<, think us garage at its peak, think iceberg chinos and mochino shirts, think everyone having a good time in clubs. both tracks are swingers aimed directly at the dance floor full of soulful vocal snippets, catchy melodies, shuffling rhythm patterns, warm vintage keys and plenty of deep bass.
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12" Vinyl NL 19.01.18
a collection of crossover artists that really stand out for us with tunes that do so much more than just be hot. demuir, the organ grinder, snazzy trax & melodymann, they all bring their edge to this sick ep for melodymathics. we hope you like this record as much as we do!
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