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12" Vinyl UK 06.12.16
2016 repress
2011 is set to be a huge year for yousef, and arguably his strongest yet in the production field. after spending much of 2010 recording remixes and productions for other leading labels yousef has come back super-strong on his own seminal circus recordings proven here if needed by his latest vinyl production. it is centered on a very simple premise. taking 2 pieces of music and recreating them with yousefs indiscernibly brilliant club night in mind. a resolutely dance floor-focused ep, that combine to create a unique aural tapestry representative of the circus and yousefs own musical evolution. each is an intricate and heartfelt paean of love to circus and the huge impact it has had on both clubland and yousefs career for the last almost nine years, with the clubs birthday approaching this september. yousef says that, >the ep is a special project for me and one that is indicative of the way im progressing. getting to re-shape these tracks from some of my most respected peers has been a great opportunity to craft them with that special circus sound<
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