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12" Vinyl D Pre sale (01.03.2019)
scissor and thread regular black light smoke returns to the brooklyn label run by francis harris for a mini lp of raw, atmospheric house
Scissor And Thread
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12" Vinyl D 30.10.17
the newest 12inch on voodoo down records marks the debut appearance of longtime friend of the label jordan lieb aka black light smoke. jordan played an instrumental part in the nyc label scissor & thread, and has spent recent years honing his live set in front of crowds ranging from bpm, robot heart, and fabric. the depression sleeping ep is a collection of tracks from his archives from the past decade that have been updated and remixed. the theme of the record is his struggle with sleep and insomnia. per the artist: releasing these songs form my past reflects my effort to embrace myself, the good and the bad, and to channel my personal battles into a creative process.
Voodoo Down Records
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12" Vinyl US 12.08.14
for some grungy vocal house music with a touch of chicago percussion and a healthy splash of the indie-synth wave that came crashing over electronic music in the late 2000s, scissor & thread s black light smoke might be 2014 s answer to danton eeprom circa 2009. we say danton eeprom, as the voice on the b2, -screws in my head-, has a similar tone and enunciation of the frenchman, or are we getting mixed up with mathew dear? the title-track, -firefly-, brings back memories of azari & iii s debut ep only with druggy vocals coming from what could be the basement of a dfa rave in new york, while -morning comes- borrows some cowbells from the rapture and sultry french inspirations from jane birken. -black bricks- then provides some slo-mo, lo-fi phase filtered house - and one hell of a bassline. alternative electronics for the indie lover
SAT 019
Scissor & Thread
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12" Vinyl UK 01.07.14
fresh dirty rough cuts coming from * black light smoke*
Scissor & Thread
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12" Vinyl US 16.01.13
the dynamic duo of lightbluemover (aka francis harris) and black light smoke are back, releasing a split ep on their home base, scissor and thread. “no cliché / poppa’s bag” follows two strong collaborations the pair released on hfn and poker flat, with the former yielding the dj secret weapon “girn,” and the latter making big noise with “idiot fare.” this latest ep includes the label debut of former beirut member jason poranski whose punchy and irreverent vocal on lightbluemover’s “no cliché” has been a flash point in harris’ sets the world over for the past year. on the flip we get two versions of “poppa’s bag,” from black light smoke which has similarly been featured in his hotly tipped live set. label mate anthony collins adds a dj friendly edit to “no cliché” which is exclusive to the digital edition of the ep
Scissor & Thread
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12" Vinyl UK 25.08.11
hand stamped and numbered - limited to 300 copies worldwide!
given the challenges of todays music market, its a fairly bold statement for an indie label to come out of the box with not one, but two vinyl only releases by an artist with no profile to speak of, but here black light smoke proves worthy of the faith being placed in him. sat001 switchback/black stripe is all old school drum machines, tape-hiss, heavy footed disco kicks, acid-a-plenty and funk-to-spare, but the tracks transcend the rawness of their roots to achieve a modern, club-ready edge with retro flair.
Scissor & Thread
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12" Vinyl UK 25.08.11
hand stamped and numbered - limited to 300 copies worldwide!
on sat002 lovework/decisions, black light smoke shows off his pop sensibilities with two sing-a-long summer anthems-in-the-making. lovework is a no-wave-inspired ditty littered with catchy analog synths, an ass-shakin bassline and reverbed claps juxtapozed with a haunting processed vocal from the producer himself that repeats, >you made a mess of my head. now i gotta put it all back together. theres nothing to say, over and over…< which is how this tune will be playing in your head after one listen. on the flip we get a taste of black light smoke in deep house mode with decisions, a lustrous and vibey joint that features a sweeter vocal by suavecito, a new guise of dj/producer and vocalist who is well known by another name. here more analog synths produce wickedly buoyant bass lines and swirling pads that combine with bubbly piano stabs and little vocal sample/edits for what sounds like it could have been a naked music release had the label been operating in 1990.
Scissor & Thread
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12" Vinyl UK 15.04.15
limited repress without cover artwork.
the second single from francis harris debut full length, leland contains three remixes of pharoah in the morning,one of the highlight tracks on the album featuring the phenomenal vocal talents of danish singer gry who performs here in here native tongue. two entirely distinctive remixes come courtesy of labelmate black light smoke and the other is by nsi., who should need no introduction. pharoah in the morning remixes will be out on limited edition vinyl from scissor and thread soon. look for leland in february 2012.
Scissor & Thread
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2x cd D 28.02.12
2cds for the price of 1cd! includes bonus-mix-cd by steve bug. tracks on cd1 appear unmixed. includes no less than 10 new, exclusive and unreleased tracks from ribn, ian pooley, dj f.e.x. & ron costa, nick harris, aeromaschine, stuart geddes, nico lahs, alland byallo, tom taylor & gareth whitehead, sebastien san! its the ninth installment of the poker flat label-compilation reflects the current season of very strong & club chart provensingle releases by james what, daniel dexter, adultnapper, alex flatner & lopazz, show-b, roland appel, alex niggemann and steve bug & clé
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