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2x12" 18.01.19
meditational electronic journey.
Laut & Luise
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12" 28.11.17
it is time to discuss fundamentals. for his second appearance on laut & luise constantijn lange shows his interpretation of human mannerisms that contrast so much while being closely entangled. able to deliver both pain and satisfaction alike, its apparent simplicty may deliver the purest bliss while the complexity of its impact can at times feel devestating: power & love. for the first part of this pair onosizo stands by to passionately proclaim and address the true nature and dangers of power. in contrast the second part of this ep is a musical dedication to all the light hearted and emphatic moments, a chance to brighten up and an invitation to feel untroubled, if only for a few minutes. just like a mapleseed rhino would do.
Laut & Luise
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12" 25.07.13
luise presents one of her dearest friends: with lul#005, constantijn lange shares his impressions of the mystifying nature and culture of morocco. in orange atlas, your mind travels through the kingdom, as constantijn melts together field-recordings with his unique sense for acoustic expression. the uplifting *rote nacht* (a1) reveals the contrasting energy between the tumultuous city and the silent mountain, before gently giving way to the feelings of the exotic seascape in *essaouria* (a2). delicately, yet suprising as ever, acid pauli rearranges the warm drums in *essaouria* (b1) to let your spirit rest in an imagined, green oasis, before it is completely taken away by the lightness of the seabirds in *thagazout* (b2).
Laut & Luise
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12" 15.08.11
we would like to introduce a new fresh artist on 200 records 23 year old constantijn lange from berlin with his debut >on the hunts / morning dew<. he has created two perfect summer tunes with uplifting grooves, beautiful melodies and great breaks.
200 015
200 Records
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