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12" Vinyl ES 02.02.21
deep, beautiful, timeless, dreamy dub techno tracks.
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12" Vinyl D 17.03.20
biodub back on tiefenrausch. excellent selection from dub tech to downbeat
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12" Vinyl D 26.09.16
2016 repress! beautiful, dreaming dub techno/house on the new tiefenrausch label. eine neue perle im dubtechno-ozean. tiefenrausch präsentiert die welt der dub-fische und deephouse-quallen. die debut ep kommt von tiefseetaucher biodub. der hannoveraner all-round musiker kennt sich sehr gut aus in den tiefen klangwelten der musik. als drummer bei noetics und mit seinem elektronischen soloprojekt >biodub< schafft er den perfekten Übergang zwischen akustischer und elektronischer musik.
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2x12" Vinyl D 15.09.16
2016 repress! after seven releases tiefenrausch present their first album and send biodub back into the depth. on >familiar warmth< he explores the borders of the genre. warm and subtle developing dub techno tracks build the foundation of this versatile album. the features of reggae vocalist ray darwin and noetics gituarist chriz the wiz as well as the filigree use of percussion and field recordings make this production feel naturally alive. for the visual perfection alex ketzer covers both vinyls in a sublime imagery from jules vernes >20.000 leagues under the sea<. mastered by salz music.
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12" Vinyl ES 24.06.16
we are really proud and honored to present espectrum, a year-long effort to put together a compilation of the best dub techno. the idea was simple, but ambitious: ask some of our favorite artists for one track to epitomize dub techno—the style of music we’ve loved and continued to develop since our birth as producers and a label. with a very precise idea of what we wanted to collect, the compilation was carefully built with hypnotic, obscure, dense, and magical sounds with an eternal hook. these are the kind of tracks that will never lose their appeal, because they go above and beyond labels, styles, and trends, resisting the passage of time. after the first tracks starting coming in, the idea grew more and more special, and the concept even stronger. we knew we were onto something really big. and, finally, here it is.
AvantRoots Records
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7" Vinyl full cover D 19.03.15
deep dub techno music - mastered by salz music. with >the tube< the seventh release of the label tiefenrausch awakes – this time out of the hands of biodub. as a reminiscence to the early times of dub, the record comes as 7inch vinyl. in a classical but innovative manner biodub creates a tune between relaxed as well as driving beats and an irresistible deepness. the record presents one track in two different versions. while “the tube” solely bets on the instrumental deepness, “until forever” comes with the voice of ray darwin and disperses a pinch of reggae into the track. the vinyl is decorated with the artwork of alexander ketzer. he created the perfect cover referring to jules verne. 20.000 leagues under the sea – exactly the right slogan for tiefenrausch 007.
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12" Vinyl D 09.12.11
following the debut lp on ki, we have put together a few of our favorite artists to remix some tracks of their choice. it was important for us, that the artists kept their individual approach to their genre, so that we could get a very diverse release. first up is the japanese producer stereociti, who just released his debut album on mojuba records. he gives the title track >reisegefaehrte< his very own deep touch. second up is our close friend glitterbug, who seems to create a very own genre with his interpretation of >barracuda<. on the flipside stundman goes straight to the dancefloor. jacking beats and pounding basslines are his >reminder<. and as if p.laoss knew what the real deal is, he turned >subsistence< into a fata morgana trip back to the time when dub was really dub. perfect completion of what we expected from this remix ep.
KI 007
Ki Records
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2x12" Vinyl D 04.07.11
for the first album ever being released on ki we invited biodub, a producer/dj from the north of germany, who impressed us with his fusion of dub, techno, electronica and is a musician throughout. bringing in his experience as the drummer of instrumental band noetics and based on a minimalistic foundation, his tracks are playful in a microscopically way. in between deep bass lines and characteristic dub chords, various sounds coming from field recording sessions and sometimes also acoustic instruments, making this piece of music extremely warm and alive. biodub tries to transform visual impressions into his music. he finds most of these impressions in nature but sometimes also in machines or buildings in connection with their environment. the album is equally comfortable on the dance floor as in the living room. but you would rather enjoy his music on an open field in the nature than on your couch. the album will be released as a full 2 x12 inch lp, and cd in folded hardcover with photography, graphic and layout coming from ki s amélie kai and since it leaves so much space for interpretation, there will be a 12 inch-single with remixes of stereociti and koi.
KI LP 01
Ki Records
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 11.01.10
just huge dubby killer tunes, incl biodub remix!
on january 1st 2010, the first single released by a new vinyl label kanu kanu will appear in the shops worldwide. the aim of the label, run by a producer hatti vatti (mindset recordings), is to promote interesting and original artists from the world of dub-tech, minimal dubstep / ukg. the material for the single catalogued as number 001 was created by the musicians from three countries: echo_tm from poland, echo ranks from great britain and biodub from germany. the person responsible for the overall conception is hatti vatti from poland, currently living in cairo, egypt. the result of this collaboration is a fusion of meditative bass, dub, dub-tech, minimal and one of the most interesting voices of contemporary reggae. the record is released in a very limited edition (300 copies) and it is pressed on a beautiful blue vinyl!
Kanu Kanu
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12" Vinyl D 03.09.08
amazing soulful masterpiece of deep timeless techhouse music !!
Samuvar LTD1
Samuvar Ltd
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12" Vinyl D 03.04.18
tiefenrausch returns with a various artist ep. gathering three unique dub techno musicians linked through deep chords and driving basslines. while biodub and upwellings already contributed their part to the label, the new member star dub joins in with his raw vision of dub techno.
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