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12" Vinyl ES 22.04.16
essential reissue!! the producer and dj from chicago joey kay published in 1994 an ep that soon became a favorite of the 90s house djs around the world: eclectiz ep . the legendary label house jam records was responsible for editing and selling it. nowadays, in 2016 (22 years later) the owners of the label bons records have been in contact with joey kay and they have been quick to reach an agreement to make a remastered edition of the great eclectiz ep including the same tracks that the original version but at an affordable price to everyone, not favoring the speculation around these kind of musical gems, mostly in platforms like discogs. eclectiz ep has been remastered by robert feuchtl (fat of excellence)
Bons Records
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2x12" Vinyl FR 04.02.15
following the success of its first release by the ever elusive jason grove, the vinyl-only sub-label skylax extra series returns with a little something beyond special. for those house-heads in the know, the man needs no introduction, but for those uninitiated, sit back and prepare for this double 12” selection to further your education in house music.joey kay hails from chicago in the us and has influenced a great many producers in the last two decades with his signature take on the deep house sound. he keeps things simple in the best possible sense of the word, stripping back tracks to their bare essentials in order to maintain what the spirit of house music is all about: the groove, the soul and the feeling of being carefree, even if only experienced for a few minutes at a time. there are no superfluous or ancillary sounds in joey’s music and this is all the more evident when taking a step back and listening to his spectrum of output in this collection, which spans more than twenty years of his career.
Skylax Extra Series
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12" Vinyl, 180gr UK 21.10.14
minuendo presents -between earth and space- mnd28#331 new various artists, 12- limited edition, hand numbered, vinyl only & no repress. contains tracks by joey kay, artist from chicago for second time he returns after previous work at -keep the face- now he presents two tracks -i wonder- beautiful vocal deep house soulful and -in a trance- techno tool for the dance floor. spanish producer jesus gonsev owner of troubled kids presents -seppuku- a deep house groove made in spain. finally debuting on minuendo representing swiss artists, allstar motomusic feat nicole b artist from deepart sounds presents -little trinidadian girl- 100% chicago house sounds, real flute and vocal, a perfect track to play or listen.
Minuendo Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 25.04.14
the flammable joey kays deep side turn on the light at troubled kids corner. altered tempos for bad boys … taste it.
Troubled Kids Records
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12" Vinyl US 06.11.13
love revolution, the brooklyn based label is back with their fourth release, this time from chicagos underground legen joey kay. 4 tracks from 91-03 that have never been released on vinyl before: i cant stand it, let you go, automated and crystalis. *i cant stand it* is the vocal bomb, *let you go* is proper old school chicago jack, *automated* is emotive disco at its finest, and *crystalis* is pure feeling. hand-stamped, vinyl only action from the american underground.
Love Revolution
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coloured 12" Vinyl ES 19.04.13
limited deep house out of spain
Minuendo Recordings
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12" Vinyl UK 07.09.12
124 recordings are pleased to introduce their first release, joey kays toy piano with a remix courtesy of washerman. joey kay from chicago has been producing since 1989, and has only chosen to appear on a small number of releases, starting with eclectiz (house jam - 1994).
124 Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 13.10.11
Stylistic Recordings
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12" Vinyl US 12.05.11
Stylistic Recordings
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12" Vinyl FR 12.10.18
sl011 is on its way! to celebrate our most beloved format we mix the old and new and bring together three artists we ve just taken on board with regular sl artist joey kay from chicago. special artists, special audience, special music, special release: 180 copies, 180 grams. nothing more. nothing less. pandilla ltd opens up the feast on the a side. a collective of three portuguese artists, this trio of producers-composers made a name for themselves through their distinctive minimalist approach to music. and what better way to introduce them than the very title of their track: -you get to know-. do meet the guys and enjoy. chicago resident joey kay was already with on sl001 and sl003. but why would we stop? here he is again with some new gems. joey s been producing quality and selective underground house music since the 80s, giving us each time delightful hints of what good chicago underground truly sounds like, far away from seasonal trends and close to his own philosophy instead. open up your ears and heart, as joey will be -trying 2 reach u- with his beautiful ode to the golden age of house music. the end is just the beginning, people. flip the record, start again, and let tommy guide you. tommy vicari jnr is an underground music hero well known for his singular and very unique sound. tommy plays by his own rules and tastes. he produces and releases tommy s kind of sounds and tommy s kind of sounds only, regardless how of far he needs to push the boundaries of his musical world to find the right beat and hit. -decided- is sl011 punchy bassline banger, in case you thought of falling asleep between both sides. for don t forget: true dancers always dance. almost the end, we know, but dry your tears, we re not there yet, no, no. harrison bdb aka harry weber is here with us for the last stretch and a final sonic hug - one to remember -. harrison s immersive approach to deep house has earned the man his credit, solidly grounded in the finest and deepest selections. the kind of selection, in fact, that d make anyone want that record again. mind you, this is probably what this last track -going back- is telling to do. ready? flip!
Serie Limitee 11
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12" Vinyl D 20.04.17
a new vinyl reference from onward recordings. this will be the third release only vinyl, we can find tracks from bs as deep, joey kay and cotterell from usa, and franco cinelli, who made a remix. hi intensity house with powered bass lines show the way of a release with an artist supports like danny tenaglia
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3x12" Vinyl D 25.01.17
troubled kids releases #009, 010 & 011 all bundled up for one special price!
Troubled Kids
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12" Vinyl D 22.10.13
tip! serie limitee records is a brand new >vinyl-only< label created by london based dj & producer monsieur cedric. limited to 300 copies. chicagos maestro joey kays >full flight< is a classic deep-house masterpiece. steve frisco is an underground pioneer who has been around for nearly two and half decades, >red zone< is an homage to some popular early 90s french riveras after-hours. e.r.m.a.n & abtomats >el gatito< is a dark chicago house track, perfect for some obscure dancefloors. monsieur cedrics backroom remix takes things even further. the label manager also added a mysterious bonus track, an edit of a 90s classic called >bonus track 1<.
Serie Limitee Records
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12" Vinyl FR 14.09.12
for this middle summer welcome back to the underground three with unknown artist from wbttu1 with three obscure tracks. the mysterious producer from paris gives clue about his identity this time. from chicago, joey kay completes wbttu3 with some deep house thing.
Welcome Back To The Underground
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