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12" Vinyl UK 15.11.11
the catalog of pink stallone & joey washington singles continues with the arguable gem of their collaborative sessions, mine. the second daniele b & eddie mars co-production, mine exhibits the steady progression of the stallone sludge-funk thump, again fueled by gushing maturity and composure from washington vocals. eddie mars even delivers his own stunningly-authentic production of the stallone/washington sound, marking the first official mars rendition of pink stallone since his inception as a producer and member of the live group. with this comes two workouts by master of the deep the revenge who provides a stripped back timeless dub. one of those tracks that will still sound great in twenty years time. simple and effective with a hint of grandeur. finally wrapping things up are s.a.s (subb-an & adam shelton). following the bumping foot & mouth release earlier this summer we had to ask the boys to give there twist and they sure delivered. acid base and full throttle beats transform >mine< into a jacking dancefloor destroyer, be warned!
Under The Shade
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12" Vinyl UK 26.07.11
pink stallone has been labeled everything from house to disco to garage r&b, but this concept project can only truly be defined by unique personality. a collaboration between fresh-faced new jersey producer, daniele barbarosa, and seasoned newark vocalist joey washington, pink stallone tracks are often marked by a concoction of classic songwriting sensibility with curious yet tasteful new instrumental landscapes. dancing in time, the followup to their self-released sleazoid funk anthem the six, wanders off into a dreamy-house domain, marked especially by additional production efforts from vietcong discos eddie mars
Under The Shade
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12" Vinyl US 16.03.11
excellent groovin stuff... just listen
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