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12" Vinyl UK 21.02.18
chicago damn is the latest esteemed producer to shore up at marcel vogel s intimate friends label, following the hypoleon ep with some forthright, sample heavy funk house concoctions that nod to his other work on wolf music and the like. -bunny hoppin- is a rowdy but soulful belter with a peppy tempo and an addictive line in looped up samples, while -flush- takes things slower and dustier without getting too lost in the undergrowth. -the truth- lays its samples out in bold, bright brushstrokes with a pattering, psyched out undercurrent for deeper, sunkissed moments, and then -tipsy- finishes the ep off in a playful tryst of re-pitched piano trills and scuffed beats.
MATE 013
Intimate Friends
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12" Vinyl UK 11.11.14
always a good day when a new chicagodamn record arrives! postmodern blues will be a two-record series from the celebrated & illusive uk producer the first volume here features four new cuts fresh out the box! as ever, we are dealing with a combination of straight up, raw machine funk, built for strobe-lit, sweaty walled basements and warehouses sitting alongside more emotive pieces. familiar themes indeed, but pulled off with impeccable attention to space and sonics. all killer.
Chicago Damn
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12" Vinyl UK 31.03.14
sounding like a sonic sunset tracklist the ep drifts between balearic beatdown, chicago house & brazillian carnival but with the added grit from north eastern england.
Merc Music
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2x 12" Vinyl lp + free dl code UK 29.10.13
the debut lp from chicagodamn
gavin mcclarys music lies somewhere between the cavernous, pared down sonic delights of producers like levon vincent, and the simplistic yet irresistible classic house on labels like prescription underground. all executed and pieced together with beautifully produced analog textures, an undeniable ear for hooks & a dash of the gritty uk techno sound synonymous with his production alias.
available as a limited edition (500 copies) double vinyl package... housed in shrinkwrapped manilla sleeves, with cover sticker & unique download codes
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12" Vinyl UK 13.09.12
it is time for midnight love club! if you like house and techno, if you like sexy basslines and raw beats, if you like oldschool and newschool, and if you like midnight and love and club, this label is for you! watch out for the likes of chicago damn, the rhythm odyssey or robotalco! mlc loves you!
starting his career on mark es merc music label, chicago damn is now one of the hottest uk producers and has been establishing himself with more tunes on labels like wolf music, quintessentials, wurst music or his own chicago damn imprint. and he will soon have triplets and is preparing his first album! sounds like a lot of midnight action!
Midnight Love Club
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12" Vinyl UK 10.06.11
a welcome return for wolf with new sleeves and featuring the massive medlar - terrell alongside tracks from greymatter, krl & chicago damn.
support from: dark sky, zoo look, om unit, sarah sweeney, tim sweeney beats in space, red snapper, lucky me, mark potts, favouritizm, brackles, shook magazine, subeena, leftoo, delusions of grandeur, james barrie (bbe), feel my bicep, kelvin k (nordic trax), ian blevins (we love...), duffstep.
Wolf Music
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12" Vinyl UK 10.11.10
new boy chicago damn brings his debut release via mark es merc stable. he may be the new boy on merc but the quality is not compromised here at all, with 2 slammin peak time chuggers these deep house techno belters have been part of mark es sets for the last month. deep jungle bongo chants crossed with looped up ethnic weirdness. essential! ! you dont need us to tell this is the real deal folks ! get with it...
Merc Music
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12" Vinyl UK 01.12.17
ltd 50% deal , last copies left ... italian production duo, mushrooms project, make their debut on jansen jardin with the wonderful >galattica<. releases for labels like under the shade and is it balearic? and remixes for the likes of tirk, lipservice and nang have introduced their blissed-out, mediterranean sound to fans around the world. galattica is 11 minutes and 45 seconds of high plains drifting, dream disco for late night drives and sunset sessions. a lush combination of euro disco arpeggios and west coast guitars spill out across a landscape of live percussion, bass and dub acrobatics. this is the soundtrack to a spaghetti western set in ibiza. a fistful of cervezas. the remix comes courtesy of the mighty chicago damn who has been responsible for some extraordinary music from his debut on mark es merc label to releases on claremont 56 and his own eponymous imprint. here he re-imagines the original track in the image of model 500, stripping away the music to a raw machine groove. dark, atmospheric and undeniably aimed at the floor.
Jansen Jardin
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