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12" Vinyl D 03.06.11
chad kaska aka daegon strikes again with his deep new ep >subterrene< released on cirque du minimaliste as a 12 inch vinyl. his approach on producing minimal electronic music is a solid work with a telling vibe and an inspiration evoked from the unknown. >subterrene< (a side) and >525< (b side) are an amazing addition to daegons former releases, without any compromises. paranormal noises, haunting atmospheres and pushing basslines will give you the creeps!
Cirque du Minimaliste
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12" Vinyl D 11.11.10
first on !! a two tracker of smashing minimal poetry.
a: daegon subcon2 : shady minimal sounds turn into vivid dance floor intensity. a gently boosting track containing shivering bass lines and nifty rhythmic compositions.
b: daegon subcon2 (octave remix) : french fellow octave turns the original to a full throttle dj tool, using cushioned basslines that create a massive dancefloor alternative.
Der Hut
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