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12" Vinyl UK 06.10.16
bologna s frank agrario decided to take destiny into his own hands earlier this year, founding micronation records as an outlet for his music. the ladonia ep - named after a disputed micro-nation in southern sweden - is agrario s second missive for the imprint, and features a particularly luscious, amospheric dancefloor roller named after the state s most famous landmark, a sculpture called -nimis-. arguably even better is -i played that track already , a dusty, detroit style deep house cut blessed with a bold cowbell line, sustained chords, and a nagging vocal hook. rick wade provides a deliciously deep and soulful interpretation of that track, while the softly jazzy, broken-house track -lesboa- is also worth a listen.
MN 02
Micronation Records
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12" Vinyl UK 11.03.16
micronation is the frank agrarios new label. after some key releases on internasjonal, tom tom disco and maxi discs frank decided to start his own vinyl label. micronation is a declaration of independence, frank makes his own rules, passports and stamps, while music is the currency. 02. percussion, deep bases and franks trademark dubby dealys are all there. bottin provides a killer rmx ready to destroy any dancefloor. early support from soul clap, jimpster, munk, swayzak, mammarella and thomas von party.
MN 01
Micronation Records
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12" Vinyl D 12.03.13
the man from bologna makes his second appearance on internasjonal spesial and so it doesnt have to waste no time with friendly formalities but storms right into the middle of the night with the lethal tracks disko frisko and labyrinth disco - titles that dont hide their intention nor inspiration
Internasjonal Spesial
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12" Vinyl D 22.11.10
short about the label:. a joint effort between prins thomas and word and sound- the idea behind the label is to put out good music and not limiting ourselves to stick with a specific genre, instead opting to stay fresh and individual with each release going in every direction we feel. we are gonna be highlighting new talent, re-releasing some lesser known nuggets and certainly give you some dancefloor killers along the way to. from japanese techno to california kraut : ) just the way we like it… id love to tell you a lot of things about frank agrario but only a few things are known… his real name is francesco brini he lives in bologna he used to play percussion with swayzak the cheesy italian he is he runs a label called mozzarella recordings(where we also snagged >upgrade<from) last but least, hes handed in two tracks for us. both slightly re-strung in the full pupp k16 lab in oslo, both lethal partystarters now go buy it...
Internasjonal Spesial
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2x12" Vinyl D 21.11.18
lumière noire presents from above vol. i, the label’s first compilation, 100% handpicked exclusives by chloé.
Lumiere Noire
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12" Vinyl UK 14.02.17
second release for the roosters! this time we have two new entry in the farm: dj cream (homequest, robsoul) and frank agrario (micronation record, swayzak. enjoy the listening!
Red Rooster
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12" Vinyl UK 25.04.16
stamp records delve into the past for their next release, giving a new lease of life to one of swayzak s least characteristic and most sought-after tracks. swayzak are true heroes of the uk underground, having clocked numerous seminal releases in the late 90 s and early 00 s straddling the grey area between house and techno. disco dub plate volume 2 - originally out in 2000 - was an obvious anomaly in the duo s discography, that has managed to forge a path of its own amongst a completely different crowd to swayzak s usual disciples. one cut from that ep, stronger love , is a carefully arranged marriage between a certain pair of quintessential aor darlings and the soul voice of the 80 s. can we be more specific? no can shouldn t really work, but somehow it does! it s been caned by many a balearic dj over the years, including mark seven who included it in his mythical originals compilation, where it holds its ground amongst other balearic heavyweights. as an added bonus for this 2016 edition we re treated to two brand new mixes ! frank agrario teases in bits of the original making for his chunkier version that is aimed squarely at the dancefloor, while brun (1/2 of swayzak) delivers a bang up-to-date dub that keeps its elements to the bare minimum, building into a deep hypnotic house chugger.
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