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12" Vinyl UK 27.11.20
christina chatfield kicks off the new label from bay area community ayli, with remix support coming from tin man and noncompliant.
As You Like It Recordings
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12" Vinyl US 09.10.17
san franciscos christina chatfield brings her signature acid sound to god particle with the circle ep. gopa07.1. a1 circadian circadian reflects and evokes the natural cyclical rhythm of the track as the pitch naturally rises and falls over a steady bassline and consistent tempo. a perfect track to draw the dancer deeper. a2 black hole steady prominent kick drums keep feet marching through crunchy, distorted sounds and clicking. black hole is an otherworldly track that pulls you into the space and wont let you go.b1 voyage is a visionary guest through alien atmospheres. chatfield’s signature rolling acid lines, panning synths and rapid hi-hats make this one a bottomless groove, perfect for peak energy. b2 acid exhibition crisp hi-hats and a kick drum are quickly met by an intrepid acid line. dreamy synths softly grow throughout acid exhibition, adding more atmosphere along with steady claps and a vocal sample.
God Particle
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12" Vinyl UK 11.10.10
beretta grey proudly brings to you the >finite ep< by the talented new producer hailing from san francisco, christina chatfield. christina chatfield was raised in a family of classical musicians, geographically and culturally located between the warm jacking beats of chicago house and cool soulful stabs of detroit techno. espousing her genetically rooted appreciation for music, christina attended the berklee college of music in boston where she quickly absorbed every detail of electronic synthesis and began her analog hardware and studio gear addiction. with the >finite ep< on beretta grey, christina has created two timeless pieces of music that are sure to please intelligent dance floor goers around the planet.
Beretta Grey Music
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