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4x12" Vinyl UK 11.07.11
from humble beginnings, the sound of drum and bass has gone on to reach out into every corner of the globe, each new country helping to influence and shape the music into what has unquestionably become a worldwide phenomenon. with the drum and bass scenes in everywhere from brazil and japan to australia and russia now as strong as the almost 20 year old uk scene, matrix and futurebound have come together on >worldwide lp< to showcase the music and artists which continue to make drum and bass one the most innovative and exciting genres in the world today.
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12" Vinyl NL 04.12.09
voyeurrhythm crew returns with an splendin follow up on the ep1 (which was sold out on the day it came out!). and this one might even be better! hollywood nights has a dirty chi-town influenced house track with a phat bassline... think early days of frankie knuckles! megadon betamax did a cheeky cover version of one of our all-time favorite electronic disco tracks... changed into >he cant love you< (he completly reprogrammed and recorded the track!). and ben sun, suplier of the fantastic >when you looked< track on ep1 has another extremely solid track again called victoria park.. goose bumps all over from the first bar! another winner.
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12" Vinyl NL 16.10.09
the voyeurhythm crew from london is doing their first record! ben sun, megadon betamax and hollywood nites deliver some shit hot slo-mo house and disco tracks that go somewhere ugly edits and mark e. crazy stuff that work very well. total killer is the b side cut by ben sun that covers the whole side. a incredible funky and rocking disco funk tune with crunchy 12-bit beats and a soul vocal give way to joyful swinging keys and a driving deep-disco groove. this sounds like one of the best kdj releases! recommended.
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