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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 10.12.14
dark entries and honey soundsystem have teamed up to release to release a special double vinyl edition of *catholic*, the lost opus of disco pioneer patrick cowley and indoor life vocalist jorge socarras. this compilation features over 80 minutes of minimal proto-techno and synth-driven post punk recorded between 1975-1979.
Dark Entries
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12" Vinyl D 10.11.09
2nd single from the patrick cowley & jorge socarras album >catholic<. bleeding edge remixing by oni ayhun and noble editing by morgan geist added for your pleasure. while still everybody keeps guessing whos behind the mysterious and burning hot works of oni ayhun, macros got the mans first ever remix! o.a. obscured cowleys >memory fails me< with his trademark darkness and took it to the edge of engineering. and its got all that feeling, too! if you asked yourself what a forward-thinking patrick cowley might have done today - here is a serious offering. >burn brighter flame< is the disco heart of the album. with all disco crate digging of the decade, >bbf< is the ultimate find. since the original artists had intended this one to be a single theres also a stunning instrumental! we just remember how everybody got tears of joy when finn johannsen mixed the different versions of this for the first time at berlins picknick. who could have been asked for an edit of this gem other than metro areas morgan geist? creating a dialogue between the vocal and instrumental versions, his edit offers even more variety for the dj to mix in and out of this great tune.
Macro Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 07.09.09
lost for 30 years - unreleased masterpieces by disco legend patrick cowley and indoor life singer jorge socarras - remixed by morgan geist (metro area) & kink (rush hour)! first single from the forthcoming album “catholic” by patrick cowley & jorge socarras. “soon” is a dark proto-techno track with hypnotic lyrics and warped synths, while “robot children” builds on a rigid sequencer bassline and futuristic sounddesign. these masterpieces were lost for 30 years and get released for the very first time! the first remix comes from no one less than metro area’s morgan geist - and it’s arguably one of his best mixes to date. responsible for environ’s unclassics series, he certainly was the first call for the job. his rework transforms cowley’s trademark production sound into 2009, respectful for authenticity and forward thinking at the same time. rush hour’s kink has turned heads with his incredible production skills and live appearances. his remix of “soon , derived from the original’s drum machine sounds, catapults the track to the future. bass heavy with a rugged beat, this is one to cross boundaries from techno to dubstep to experimental!
Macro Recordings
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cd D 06.10.09
lost for 30 years - the revolutionary album by one of dance music’s most influential producers finally sees the day of light! containing an incredible array of synth-driven innovation, electonic musics history books will be rewritten.
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