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12" Vinyl UK 23.05.19
stateside based dj aakmael has been making well defined rough and raw dancefloor grooves for some time and a joint collaboration between flumo and anma sees him pushing out a floor filler laden twelve inch.
Flumo Limited
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12" Vinyl UK 16.10.18
heavy dj support on this new release from dj aakmael - house music all the way. desos and luvnote on remix dudies. this will blow on the dancefloor
DES 0055
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12" Vinyl UK 14.05.18
dj aakmael brings 4 classic house cuts to dogmatik. his trademark sound is infused with infectious melodies, hard hitting rhythms and soulful vocals, and with this debut ep he doesn t disappoint. stepping effortlessly from one beat to the next, aakmael brings the sound of virginia to life on this standout ep.
DOG 1217
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12" Vinyl UK 15.12.17
dj aakmael is a producer weve been loving for many years and were proud to be presenting you with his freerange debut. the us artist has had consistent releases dating back to 2004 and has graced the discographies of many a fine label including uzuri, earthrumental, kolour ltd, his own unxpozd entertainment and most recently the hotly tipped uk label church. here on his daydreeming ep were treated to four original tracks of real house music produced by a true original of the underground. kicking off we have daydreeming with muscular beats laying the foundation for some widescreen orchestral strings and off-kilter and subtly deranged torchsong vocals. rimbaudian steps up for the remix following what for us, is one of the tracks of 2016, werka 8 from his meda fury release. the swedish producer brings a very fresh approach with a loopy and hypnotic techno edge which draws you in with its repeating vocal and trippy sinewave melodies. flipping over we have basement 2 which drops the tempo slightly for a more heads down detroit-inspired jam. a simple three note synth repeats throughout while moody pads bring the deep heat resulting in a track that you could get lost in for days. beacot road closes the ep in fine style with introspective filtered piano chords providing the magic on this simple, stripped back track, the whole thing sounding somehow blunted like its being beamed through a thick haze of ganja smoke. enjoy, and please show your support for dj aakmael!
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12" Vinyl D 20.11.17
scissor & thread ramp up the heat with the debut release by virginias deep house don, dj aakmael. known for his infectious grooves and deep and intricate instrumentation for more than two decades, this four track ep is in no short supply of teased out, peak time, classic deep house. the titular track wastes no time on the a-side with its hard hitting kick and springy bass holding court, while a hypnotic serpentine synth snakes along. the a2, what iz deep house, is a lesson for those who dont know what true deep house is. woozy, edgy chords take the spotlight as a dissociated voice slurs, what is deep house? a relentlessly thick kick, along with sharp as razors hi-hats and snaps, throttle the track into peak time territory. on the flip, sands is an aquatic affair, with its reverb laden pads and piano chord stabs submerging the floor in pelagic atmosphere. the persistent, euphoric bassline bump effortlessly slides its hooks into the listeners ears before a celestial piano melody pierces through the depths. frank & tony take things even deeper with their late night breakaway dub, applying their signature bass line touch and hi-hat shuffle in what may be their best remix to date.
Scissor And Thread
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12" Vinyl D 11.10.17
hailing from richmond, virginia, dj aakmael s profile has steadily risen over the last decade thanks to his supremely classy deep house sounds. recent times have seen him release excellent material on the likes of freerange records, axe on wax, church and release sustain, and now he makes his debut on monologues records with two deep cuts. dahlin is a string-laden stomper while organik is more of a synth-driven jam with some of his exquisite trademark keys improvisation. leon revol returns to the label after his well-received embers ep to rework dahlin in wonderfully introspective, hazy style, while label boss ben gomori steps up for a chunked-up, darkly-tinged rework of organik .
Monologues Records
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VOL.1 (180 G VINYL)
12" Vinyl UK 11.09.17
super tuff makes an impressive debut straight out of brooklyn with m. vaughan at the helm, and it looks like high grade deep house is on the menu judging by the quality spread across this first 12inch. jesse bru is up first with the steady cruising futaki, featuring a great speech by tom waits about crooked trees. dj aakmael gets into a bouncier concoction on offering, and then it s down to label boss vaughan to push an agenda of tough nyc flavoured grooves splashed with dusty soul and jazz tones in an utterly infectious style. moony me then finishes off the ep with an acid track that features swooning strings and some deft drum play.
ST 001
Super Tuff
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12" Vinyl UK 02.12.16
more rare music for your mind and your soul, this ep includes a must have deeprespecktrak from dj aakmael, while the b sides is showing lars behrenroth with his infection track and mark nicholas o with his very rare and sought after vinyl cut deep groove which originally came out on his own label - ringrose recordings from 1999
PPC 05
Plastik People
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12" Vinyl D 24.11.16
300 copies only - a dream interpreted through notes and sounds coming from the soul, this is the perception that we have received while listening to this ep an union between old and new electronic school and pure house music elements. dj aakmael real name greg stewart pioneer and researcher of sounds, being a true music head, the development of his style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. growing up in a talented musical family meant that he was always surrounded by different forms of music. this time give us a new perception of the his mind with the “journey ep“, 4-tracks with a drum line never invasive, relaxing synth that weave through articulated words. label the release sustain directed by arierep gabriel & eduardo tavares . notable the remixes from other two masters losoul (journey remix) with a gentle hi hat, a great fx that emphasize the entire melody making fluid the entire track and, norm talley (smoother remix) a pure old school house construction, warm synth inside with an attractive drum line. an excellent ep!
Release Sustain
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12" Vinyl UK 07.06.16
church volumess 002 ft. dj aakmael, aquarium, laurence guy & debukas
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12" Vinyl D 18.05.16
after only the fourth release people of earth is making a habit of delivering only top shelf music. the release form dj aakmael is no exception. serving up a stunning 3 track ep with a classic sound & late night vibes. a true talent that people of earth is honored to have on board.
People Of Earth
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12" Vinyl UK 03.05.16
four slabs of house heat on church white from virginias dj aakmael
Church White
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coloured 12" Vinyl UK 18.11.15
four deep, underground house stylings from the mind of dj aakmael. pressed on yellow vinyl.
Kolour Ltd
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12" Vinyl NL 12.03.15
the sophomore late night running release features a jazzy theme by aakmael and a more machine driven rework by appian on the a side. for the b-side the label has tracks by man of the moment anaxander and a tightly produced edit by michael zucker.
Late Night Running
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12" Vinyl FR 04.02.15
vinyl only release
unxpozd presents the long awaited 8th release! leading of this project is jazz piece 2, continuing the deep jazz inspired series from aakmael. following is the funky playful string track aakboogie, which makes a dance floor heat up with that 70’s soul sound we love to hear! the journey continues on the flip side with a melodic track called “simply”. the title for this track is perfect for the feel, which is a simply beautiful sound, simply house nostalgia, simply wonderful! lastly for the deeper heads, aakmael finally presents the unreleased version to deep street, naturally called “deep street (deep mix). this is another perfect collection from aakmael for the pure deep house dj and collector, once again with music that will surely satisfy!
Unxpozd Entertainment
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12" Vinyl FR 07.05.14
unxpozd presents the 7th project from dj aakmael, the rise ep. the lead tune -rise- is a blissful, relaxed string based track with playful keys thats perfect for any chill lounge or dance floor. jazz piece is a sampled piece of art, where aak cuts and chops a vintage groove for the 2014 crowd. many have already hailed it as something that has that old nj deep house feel! on the flip side, aak gives two more untitled gems. untitled 105 is a dope club thumper that takes you back to that headknod feeling, perfect for any dance floor who liked to groove! last is untitled 101, thumping beat with dramatic horns and strings to conclude a well-packaged project!
Unxpozd Entertainment
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12" Vinyl FR 24.02.14
brill deep floating , analog sounding house with chicago & detroit flavours... jazzy
Unxpozd Entertainment
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12" Vinyl FR 12.09.13
unxpozd presents the 5th project from dj aakmael, deep theories ep. up first is *dearest one* featuring the vocals of jmellodees, putting you in a setting of an old smoky jazz club (ala billie holidays time). the buzz on this track is already heating up, and will be sure to bang at a party in a large club environment or small and intimate setting!
Unxpozd Entertainment
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12" Vinyl FR 22.03.13
unxpozd presents the 4th project from dj aakmael, *aak of noise ep*, giving you a straight up dance floor heater from the start! all tracks once again offer something for the hardcore listener/collector, and of course the djs that have a love for classic deep house and vinyl!
Unxpozd Entertainment
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12" Vinyl FR 08.11.12
breathe deeper to the sound of this fantastic 3-tracker by dj aakmael.
Unxpozd Entertainment
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12" Vinyl FR 24.05.12
excellent four track vinyl ep with deep chicago house at it best
Amour 03
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12" Vinyl D 16.05.12
excellent deeeep underground chicago house rooted vinyl... well done sir !
Hizou Deep Rooted Music
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12" Vinyl FR 25.04.12
unxpozd presents dj aakmael – the undrgrnd ep, giving you four fresh deep house bangers! the journey starts on the earthside with just a track pt 3, which is a soulful dance-floor ready tune with aakmaels signature chopped up grooves. the second track untitled 66 offers listeners a more laid back deep house groove, with strings and other sounds that will keep dancers in their own fantasy within their minds!the second side of the journey takes you further thru the regions of space with the spaceside. midway thru the journey is the calmer recess, a more serious mellowed out bass-filled groove that delivers the calm after the storm. concluding the trip is deep again, offering listeners that trademark headknod feel that aakmael creates seemingly with ease! this is a project for the serious deep house collector, alien and human alike
Unxpozd Entertainment
Last Copy!
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12" Vinyl FR 15.02.12
unxpozd presents deepermoments, the first release from the vinyl catalog. the project is produced entirely by dj aakmael, featuring 4 raw and basic house bangers! the opening track deeprespectrak is a head-knod track with a serious groove,shouting out and giving respect to many of the deep house legends. for the second track chord damage the gritty, dirty chopped-up chords riding the heavy beat satisfies the appetite for dopeness!third track on the flip side is that sound, shows aakmaels love for that classic sound, featuring deep and warm organ chords topped off with lovely voices. the final track is what i want gives a smooth and jazzy melancholy feel, similar to the experience one would have in the early 1900s listening to the local jazz vocalist/band perform in a smoked-out bar sipping drinks on the rocks!this debut ep from aakmael is sure to apease your deep house hunger!
Unxpozd Entertainment
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12" Vinyl FR 16.04.09
dj aakmael is a producer/dj, who produces house, hip hop and r&b tracks. being a true music head, aakmael has a very rich background of music in his blood including hip hop, r n b, house, reggae, classical, opera, and jazz.
Earthrumental Music
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12" Vinyl FR 09.12.08
excellent deep jackin house 4 tracker with chicago and detroit influences
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12" Vinyl UK 07.08.17
over the past six years, dimensions has become a leading name in the underground, with its festival, international series, dj directory and dimensions soundsystem. now, dimensions extends its influence with the start of its label - dimensions recordings. the label launches with a 12-track compilation across three separate discs. ‘an introduction’ makes a huge statement in setting out the label’s intent and breadth. with artists established and new stepping up to present 12 exclusive tracks.
an introduction part 2 turns the heat up with more dance floor leaning contributions from four american artists. from long established names such as lady blacktronika to relative newcomer byron the aquarius, each artist delivers a different but equally powerful piece. marcos cabral’s ‘prochainement’ is a driving, dubbed out melter with stomping kicks and big-room claps under fuzzy synths, whilst byron the aquarius drops his signature dose of funk into ‘full moon’. one of the standout breakthrough artists of last year, the atlanta producer has been part of the dimensions team for some time. queen of beatdown, lady blacktronika steps up with a timeless, tripped-out house classic for her contribution ‘can we still be friends?’, her vocal oozing melancholy. rounding up is dj aakmael with ‘transit’, a raw, flexing cut that we’ve come to expect via his massively impressive output and his own superb imprint, unxpozd entertainment.
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12" Vinyl, 180 g D 12.10.15
poker flats forward to the past anthology returns in its 3rd iteration, as lean and mean as it ever was and precision-engineered to make you jack, dream and all things in between. the winning formula remains the same: task a selection of hotshot veteran and up-and-coming producers with recapturing the style and mood of early club music, paying homage to the golden years between 1985 and 1992 when chicago house and acid, new york house and detroit techno took the world and its dancefloors by storm. the result is a collection of new and exclusive tracks as addictive as the stone cold classics that influenced them - a tribute and, at the same time, the cutting edge of contemporary music production.
Poker Flat
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12" Vinyl D 01.07.13
dj spider & sublevel sounds bring you four remixes from the 2011 cd remix project, now available on 12? vinyl! featuring remixes from hakim murphy, steve frisco, dakini9 and dj aakmael. all four versions have been remastered for vinyl.
Sublevel Sounds
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