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12" Vinyl UK 19.02.18
a heavyweight classic! don t laugh is one of those records, you know you ve heard it, you may not who, what or where, but you know it! the original winx mix is a classic, often imitated, never bettered, but the real gem here is richie hawtin s manic, almost borderline sinister 15+ minute reworking. monster doesn t do it justice, tweaked out, narcotic, minimalist jacking gear. a dope combination of severe low end and some bracing sine waves that cut straight through. this one will surely test any club sound-system, if the venue is built for it you will know! this is one for the real heads, pure late night business oft overlooked for the more famous a-side, but trust us - hawtin s mix will smash any dance! oh, and there s an insane laughing acappella for those who want to mix and blend! reissued, remastered and re-sorted for 2017
Sorted Records
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12" Vinyl US 20.07.11
original special old skool repress des monster acid tunes von josh wink !!! must have!!! zurück ins jahr 1993 und kräftig ablachen ...
Nervous Old Skool
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12" Vinyl BE 22.11.07
re-issue of this alltime classic !!
Yeti Records
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