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12" Vinyl BE 28.02.08
phat groovin tech traxx !!
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12" Vinyl FR 01.09.06
archipels brand new sublabel brings you its second weirded out slab of wax with uli kunkels singing with rod. uli kunkel,however,is not one single artist. it is comprised of lee curtiss, maayan nidam (miss fitz) and shaun reeves.the record starts off with leethophobia which is an hypnotic breaks like piece of dark insanity laced drughouse very much inspired by the perlonian sounds which have been coming from germany as of late.drugpigs is fat, wobbly, and just as hypnotising as leethophobia and commands that the freaks come out to dance from the shadows of strange early morning corridoors.the flip takes a more direct approach and is fiercely lead by arrival which is an hypnotic take on dancefloor drive influenced tracks and is laced with clever edits and lysergic percussion.sing like rod is a totally weirded out and just as lysergic early morning rhythmic smoothy. kalimari is set to release quality weirdness and here it stands tall from the rest.
Kalimari 02
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